Where to Watch The Kingdom of Ruin Anime?

An alternate timeline where humans and witches coexist peacefully is the setting for the Kingdom of Ruin anime. However a sophisticated scientific revolution has rendered witchcraft obsolete. Overwhelmed by animosity and terror, the world’s leading country launches a savage witch hunt, eradicating all witches from the land.

New episodes of the Kingdoms of Ruin anime show on Crunchyroll every Friday since its launch on October 6, 2023. Twelve episodes will make up the anime’s runtime.

Where to watch The Kingdom of Ruin Anime?

Various Japanese networks, including AT-X and MBS, will carry The Kingdoms of Ruin. Streaming on Crunchyroll will be available worldwide as well.

Crunchyroll, an American over-the-top subscription streaming service, is owned by the Sony Group Corporation. The company’s main office is in San Francisco, California, while its Japanese branch is in Shibuya, Tokyo. The company mainly distributes material from East Asia, especially animation from Japan.

Despite regional restrictions caused by licensing restrictions, Crunchyroll provides access to over 1,000 anime series, over 200 East Asian dramas in more than 15 languages, and over 80 manga titles, including Crunchyroll Manga. Crunchyroll had one million paying subscribers in February 2017, and by 2022, it had more than 10 million.

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Plot

In a world long since vanished, the witches who once bestowed their magical powers on humanity have bestowed them upon us once again. This is where The Kingdoms of Ruin takes place. However, scientific knowledge has become increasingly sophisticated with time. The technologically advanced Gear Expansion is the catalyst for the demise of witchcraft and sorcery.

The Redia Kingdom is responsible for bringing the witch hunt to its pinnacle. The kind master of little Adonis is among the witches executed by the powerful Redia Kingdom. Seeing this atrocious deed, the master swears revenge on behalf of his loving charge.

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Cast

Adonis, played by Kaito Ishikawa, has remarkable magical skills in the Kingdom of Ruin series. Doroka, another major character, has her voice provided by Azumi Waki. Kishô Taniyama plays Shiro Usagi, while Satoshi Hino voices Yamato.

Ryôko Shiraishi gives Chloe a rich and nuanced performance, while Hikaru Tono lends his voice to Yuki. This magnificent fantasy world is made even more enthralling by the brilliant cast, who expertly bring the series’ diverse and fascinating characters to life.

The cast list is as follows:

  • Adonis Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese); Ben Stegmair (English)
  • Doroka Voiced by: Azumi Waki (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)
  • Chloe Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese); Morgan Lauré (English)
  • Yamato Voiced by: Satoshi Hino
  • Yuki Voiced by: Hikaru Tono
  • Shirousagi Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Episodes

There will be a total of twelve episodes in The Kingdoms of Ruin, spread out across three Blu-ray discs. Episodes one through four will make up the first volume. Episodes 5-8 will be collected in the second volume, while Episodes 9–12 will be collected in the third. The year 2024 will see the release of all three volumes.

On October 6, 2023, the Japanese premiere of the series is set to take place.

The Kingdom of Ruin Anime Trailer

At Anime Japan 2023 on March 25, 2023, the first promotional video for the anime was released, showcasing all the main characters. A further sighting of Kaito Ishikawa, who will voice protagonist Adonis, was also caught by fans.

A new visual and trailer for the Kingdoms of Ruin anime has been unveiled alongside the announcement of its October 6 premiere. Hana Hope’s “Kieru Made” served as the opening theme and Who-ya Extended’s “Prayer” as the concluding theme, as seen in the trailer.

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