Yu-Gi-Oh !: Here are the crazy themed Jeans equipped with LCD screens and cards

Originally born as a manga Yu-Gi-Oh! it soon became one of the most popular collectible card games. Currently, however, it seems that the brand is also able to get noticed in the fashion world. Let’s find out how.

In the original 1996 work the protagonist, Yugi Muto, he faced different opponents in various games with the help of the spirit of an ancient pharaoh. Among the aforementioned, however, Magic & Wizards, known as Duel Monsters in the animated version, that is the characteristic card game that made the series famous by transforming it into a real brand.

Today these products have become the protagonists of an incredible dress designed by a fan. At the bottom of this news we can see the post of the Instagram user Voidreincarnation who shows off his creation showing us several photos and videos of a pair of Jeans equipped with special pockets in which to insert the cards of the franchise in order to completely cover the legs of the wearer with their favorite monsters. In the highest part of the same there are also some LCD screens in which it is possible to observe, while they rotate on themselves, some of the most characteristic cards of the work, such as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the Dark Magician Girl, the latter also protagonist of a fabulous cosplay of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Finally, for those interested, here is a reproduction of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle!

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