Where to Watch the Documentary Series Quarterback?

Already Netflix offers films that explore behind the scenes of sports like golf (Full Swing), tennis (Break Point), and cycling (Tour de France: Unchained), and now it has added football (Quarterback) to that list.

Netflix is offering a look back at the 2022 regular season through the eyes of three quarterbacks, with unprecedented insight into their personal lives, weekly preparation, and game days, to appease NFL fans as they wait for the return of games (heck, many would even take preseason games). Read on to learn more about the upcoming show Quarterback, including which quarterbacks will be featured.

Quarterback Release Date

The Netflix movie “Quarterback” premiered on July 12. The whole season has been published all at once, all eight episodes.

Where to watch Quarterback?

The whole first season of Quarterback is now streaming on Netflix. Only the first season of the sports documentary series has been ordered by Netflix, hence there are currently no fresh episodes.

Quarterback Episodes

In all, there are 8 episodes of Quarterback. The 12th of July, 2023, saw the simultaneous release of all episodes on Netflix.

The following is a list of episodes:

  • Episode 1: “The Quest”
  • Episode 2: “Homecoming”
  • Episode 3: “Kings of Pain”
  • Episode 4: “Mind Games”
  • Episode 5: “Roller Coaster”
  • Episode 6: “Under Pressure”
  • Episode 7: “Win or Go Home”
  • Episode 8: “The Final Chapter”

About Quarterback

Netflix’s “Quarterback” documentary follows three NFL quarterbacks (Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota) through the 2022 season. The ups and downs experienced by these quarterbacks will help expose NFL fans to one of the most famous positions in American sports. Take a peek at who’s playing who. After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory, Patrick Mahomes has established himself as the team’s starting quarterback.

And then there’s Kirk Cousins, who was great throughout the regular season but had yet another playoff exit to lament. Finally, there’s Marcus Mariota, who was taken out of the lineup at a crucial point in the season. All three quarterbacks will take unique routes, guaranteeing viewers both remarkable and ignominious scenes.

Netflix claims that the show offers viewers a glimpse into the athletes’ personal lives away from the court. The film is the first of its kind to take an in-depth look at the profession, and it follows the players from the field to their homes, capturing candid moments with their loved ones and coaches along the way. This is the first show of its sort on Netflix, and it features some of the top current players at the quarterback position.

Quarterback Cast

In Quarterback, we get to know three 2022 NFL starting quarterbacks, including one who is generally regarded as the finest in the game at the moment. Mahomes, Patrick. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has risen to stardom because of his pinpoint passing and gregarious nature, but the series will show you the dedication and hard work that went into helping the team win the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history.

While Mahomes is the main attraction, both of the other quarterbacks are well-known to NFL followers. Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, had a season full of highlights, including guiding his team to the NFC North championship and the biggest come-from-behind victory in NFL history. The other is Marcus Mariota, who in 2022 sought to relaunch his career by signing with the Atlanta Falcons and competing with a rookie quarterback for the starting role.

Quarterback Trailer

On June 14th, the “Quarterback” trailer premiered. According to the preview, this is more than just another inside-the-huddle football documentary since it follows the quarterbacks both on and off the field.

Quarterback Review

Numerous TV shows have chronicled the NFL’s ups and downs over the years. The All or Nothing series by Amazon has perfected the art of following a single football team for a whole season. The Final Chance for Netflix Dramatic depictions of college football, such as Friday Night Lights and The Longest Yard, demonstrate the sport’s widespread appeal.

All of the eight episodes switches between the three protagonists, providing unparalleled insight into their personal lives. NFL fans should feel at home here, from working out and running plays to sharing their thoughts on the game with friends and family online.

Even while it’s enjoyable for non-football enthusiasts, Quarterback really hits home for those who love the sport. Football jargon abounds, but episode 4 does a decent job of breaking down the mental preparation for games and clarifying what some of these terminologies really represent.

Quarterback is a good documentary with a lot of meaty subject matter. The decision to divide the spotlight among three characters was a good one, and seeing their fortunes develop independently is a big part of what makes this show so compelling. When the two teams finally do meet head-on, there will be plenty of excitement and tension. This is a must-see for any football enthusiast.

Quarterback: Will it return for Season 2?

Despite the lack of official confirmation, Season 2 of Quarterback is likely given the success of similar franchises in other sports. So far, they may be summarized as follows: Formula 1: Drive to Survive has released five seasons thus far, with the most recent one arriving in February 2023. Production has begun on season six.

Break Point has aired for a single season, both halves of which were released on streaming services between January and June of 2023. A second season was approved in March, and filming is presently underway at Wimbledon. In February of 2023, Netflix premiered the first season of Full Swing. A second season was approved in March, and production is presently underway in various golf events around the globe. The future of Quarterback seems promising.

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