Girls5eva Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And More Updates

The TV comedy Girls 5 Eva is about a girl band from the ’90s who only had one radio hit. When a rapper samples one of their songs, it gives them a second opportunity. Peacock canceled the show after its second season premiered on May 5, 2022. However, it was just reported that the show would be renewed for a third season on Netflix.

Despite the show’s critical and fan acclaim, it struggled to attract an audience on Peacock. The show’s creators are relieved that Netflix stepped in to preserve their project and cannot wait for more viewers to tune in. They expressed gratitude to Peacock and NBC for their support and expressed enthusiasm about bringing the characters to a global audience. To add insult to injury, they joked that if you look closely, the people in a documentary about Woodstock ’99 will light a porta toilet on fire.

Why is Girls5Eva moving From Peacock to Netflix?

Girls 5 The announcement of Eva’s shift to Netflix is significant and may have long-term effects on the streaming industry. With the exception of Cobra Kai’s switch from YouTube Premium to Netflix, no other streaming service has ever taken its original material to a rival service. The executive producers of Girls 5 Eva sound enthusiastic and hopeful in their joint statement, suggesting that they approve of the choice to relocate the show from Peacock to Netflix.

It’s still strange, though, because Girls5Eva usually makes videos for Peacock. Since Girls5Eva is not anymore exclusive to Peacock, this may signal a shift in the streaming industry toward giving creators more say over when and where their works are made available. While the precise motivation for Girls 5 Eva’s departure from Peacock is unknown, the fact that Netflix’s material is subscription-only and not available for free streaming may be a contributing factor.

Girls5eva Season 3 Release Date

Filming the six episodes of Girls 5 Eva doesn’t take as much time as it would for a longer series, and neither does the post-production process. As a result, Season 3 has a reasonable shot at debuting in 2023, maybe as soon as the fall or winter. After being revealed in 2022, fans are hoping the season’s release date won’t be pushed back to 2024.

Girls 5 Eva star Busy Philipps just posted on Instagram that filming for Season 5 had wrapped. A snapshot of the actors and crew partying it up on the soundstage at the end of filming was included in the post. Now that shooting for the new season is officially over, attention can turn to post-production.

Girls5eva Cast and characters

  • Sara Bareilles as Dawn, the self-proclaimed “chill one” of Girls5eva, who now works at her brother’s Italian restaurant and has a son with her husband
  • Busy Philipps as Summer, the self-proclaimed “hot one” of Girls5eva, who is now married but mostly neglected by her husband, and lives in a mansion with her daughter Stevia
  • Paula Pell as Gloria, the self-proclaimed “always working one” of Girls5eva, a dentist who is divorced from her wife
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as Wickie, the self-proclaimed “fierce one” of Girls5eva, who pretends to have a glamorous life but is scraping by as an airport employee
  • Daniel Breaker as Scott, Dawn’s husband and an exercise and menswear fanatic
  • Jonathan Hadary as Larry Plumb, Girls5eva’s sleazy former manager and founder of Plumb Management and Junk Removal
  • Ashley Park as Ashley, the fifth member and the self-proclaimed “fun one” of Girls5eva, who was the glue of the band, having been a member of six previous girl groups.
  • Erika Henningsen as young Gloria
  • Andrew Rannells as Kev Hamlin, a former boy band member and Summer’s long-distance husband who works in Tampa, Florida as an entertainment reporter
  • Jeremiah Craft as Lil Stinker, a rapper who samples Girls5eva and brings them back to prominence
  • Janine Brito (Paula Pell’s real-life wife) as Caroline, Gloria’s ex-wife
  • Grey Henson as Tate, a young executive at Girls5eva’s new record company, “Property Records”
  • Piter Marek as Ray, a talented sound engineer/producer/songwriter who helps Girls5eva write their alb

Girls5eva Season 3 Plotline

Girls5eva have been slowly but surely making their way back, and towards the end of Season 2 they have the chance to go on tour. However, there are individual factors that could prevent some members from joining the tour. The hardships of Summer leaving her daughter Stevia with Kev, Gloria and Wickie’s friendship, and Dawn’s pregnancy are all explored. The girls are going on tour to prove themselves to the world, despite their reservations.

Paula Pell, creator and star of Girls5eva, told Seth Meyers that the third season will focus on the group’s tour, which will inevitably be a “hot mess” or “janky.” Even though the girls have a hit song and plenty of talent, they will undoubtedly encounter difficulties along the way.

Girls5eva Season 3 could either pick up where Season 2 left off with the tour in chronological order, or it might start with a time jump. The tour may also bring about changes in Summer, Gloria, and Wickie’s individual lives, as well as new problems for the band as a whole.

Girls5eva Season 3 Trailer

The third season of Girls 5: Eva should have a trailer out before the movie comes out. In the meantime, you may check out the second season Girls5eva trailer. And if you haven’t seen the series yet, you should definitely give it a shot.

Is Girls 5 Eva season 3 finished filming?

Yes! In early May of 2023, Busy Philipps revealed on Instagram that filming for the highly awaited new season of Girls 5 Eva had finally ended. The actress posted a snapshot to her Instagram of the cast and staff partying it up on the soundstage after wrapping production.

Post-production will begin in just over a month after filming for all six episodes has wrapped. Post-production for Season 3 shouldn’t take the typical six months because of the fewer episodes. However, the writers’ strike may delay the premiere of the series or maybe put an end to its production. Whether or not this will have an effect on the series remains to be seen.


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