My Hero Academia music shows the main spoilers of season 5

The official reveal of the soundtrack o song from My Hero AcademiaMy Hero Academia shows some of the major spoilers for season 5 of the anime and then in The Truth News We share them with you along with some curiosities.

The fifth season is already underway, as the first two episodes of the serie shonen Not only have they reintroduced fans to the extended cast, but they have started setting the stage for their first major arc.

With the new season confirmed that will last more than 20 episodes in totalIt’s been a blast how far this new season of My Hero Academia will go in terms of adapting the original Kohei Horikoshi manga series.

With the revelation of his official soundtrack, we have a good idea of ​​what to expect. After all, Boku no Hero Academia is well known for its music, and Yuki Hayashi you should be grateful for the clues.

The composer has overseen work on the show since its first season, and this fifth soundtrack promises to be something special judging by the track names. Of course the name comes with some big spoilers, and you can find the titles below:

My Hero Academia song list season 5

Yuki Hayashi preoduce el soundtrack oficial de My Hero Academia
  • Go, Plus Ultra
  • So Classmate Were Born of Worthy Competition
  • Successor
  • A vs B
  • Quirk Don-Pachi Great Exchange
  • What to Inherit
  • The Mission of the Stealth Hawk
  • Different Ability Liberation Army
  • My Villain Academia
  • Second Coming
  • Gigantomachy
  • Mine Woman
  • Toga’s Nature
  • Symbol of Fear
  • I Don’t Kill My Friends
  • King-Right
  • Paranormal Liberation Front
  • Sound of the Holidays

As you can see above, the OST tracks seem to do reference to specific moments of the next arcs from the anime. “A vs B” certainly refers to the joint training mission coming up for Izuku’s class next week.

As for “The Stealth Hawk’s Mission”, we can assume that the clue refers to the Hawk and his mission to infiltrate the League of Villains. And of course, “My Villain Academia” will change its focus to Shigaraki Tomura and the gang as season five progresses.

Clearly, My Hero Academia has a lot in store for this year, and fans won’t want to miss out on what’s to come. So if you haven’t caught up on season five yet, you can always watch the anime on Funimation O Crunchyroll.

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