Where to Watch SmartLess: On the Road?

SmartLess: On the Road is a visual adaptation of the popular audio program. On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the first episode of the six-part docuseries premiered on Max. This docuseries is going to take audiences on an enthralling voyage throughout the North American terrain as they accompany the popular podcast on its tour.

The behind-the-scenes action of their massively popular podcast tour will be documented in SmartLess: On the Road. The three friends’ cross-country trip will be filled with A-listers when they are joined by a slew of famous faces. The show runs on the three essential fuels of comedy: camaraderie, friendship, and the unexpected.

SmartLess: On the Road Episodes

Each episode of Smartless: On the Road stands alone. Here’s a rundown of the episodes:

  • Episode 1: Tuxedos and Cool Sunglasses
  • Episode 2: Sashimi!
  • Episode 3: Sorry, Did I Lean on Your Laugh?
  • Episode 4: Portillo’s for the Burp
  • Episode 5: For Tracey in Wisconsin
  • Episode 6: Time Flies Bye

These episodes include Arnett, Bateman, and Heyes’s humorous banter and in-depth talks with a star-studded roster of famous guests, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at their unshakable connection.

Where to watch SmartLess: On the Road?

The SmartLess gang is set to hit the road, are you? The first episode of Smarter: On the Road will air on Max. You can watch all your beloved HBO episodes and more for only $9.99 a month with Max’s unrivaled range of premium content.

SmartLess: On the Road Cast

In SmartLess On The Road, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes star as the hilarious podcast’s original hosts. Bateman adds his trademark deadpan humor and perfect timing to SmartLess. He has been making people laugh for years in parts such as those in Arrested Development and Ozark, and now he is finally here to bring the same level of comic greatness to your televisions and movies.

The maestro of absurdity and a hilarious force to be reckoned with, Will Arnett, is joining him. The iconic roles that Arnett has played in Bojack Horseman and most recently in Murderville have shown us that he is capable of making us laugh at almost anything. He provides a welcome dose of anarchy to the SmartLess ensemble and is the ideal foil to Bateman’s more serious demeanor.

SmartLess: On the Road Plot

The newly released video for SmartLess: On the Road gets an inside look at the behind-the-scenes banter, friendship, and trials the trio endures while visiting six cities and interacting with a wide range of celebrities.

The promo demonstrates the hosts’ expansion of their initial podcast idea into a live tour with notable guests, complete with sight-seeing, in-room antics, in-car banter, and restaurant samplings. One of the presenters will unveil a surprise guest to the other two in each episode of SmartLess, setting the stage for a spontaneous and honest discussion full of fun and fresh information.

According to the preview, SmartLess is a show about learning from the stories of interesting individuals from all walks of life and sharing those stories with an audience. The three buddies have their own special brand of fun, so the car trip should be plenty of light, honest conversation that stays true to that spirit.

SmartLess: On the Road Trailer

In this episode of their hugely popular podcast, SmartLess, the outrageously amusing trio of Bateman, Arnett, and Hayes take us on a private, behind-the-scenes tour of their sold-out live performance. As the hosts travel across the nation, they are joined by a who’s who of Hollywood for one incredible adventure.

What started as a side project between three friends has become a major hit, landing in iTunes’ top five comedy shows and top ten overall shows and being selected one of Apple’s Best Shows of 2020. SmartLess is still making its loyal listeners laugh and smile thanks to the efforts of producers Michael Grant Terry, Bennett Barbakow, and Rob Amjärv.

SmartLess: On the Road Creators

Arnett, Bateman, Hayes, Jones, and Ross M. Dinerstein served as executive producers for SmartLess: On the Road. Together with co-executive producer Ross Girard and producer Mark McCune, these comedic heavyweights offer you the definitive behind-the-scenes look at their smash podcast. Campfire Studios is in charge of production at the moment.


SmartLess: On the Road will debut on Max on May 23, 2023, and the anticipation among fans is intense. This trip promises to be a joyous celebration of what makes SmartLess so special, with just the right amount of comedy, spontaneity, and a pinch of the unexpected.

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