How To Check Iqama Fine

Have you been living in Saudi Arabia and need to know how to check Iqama fine? The Iqama, a document held by all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, is a residence permit and work visa issued by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

The holder’s identity information is stored in the Iqama, including their name, nationality, employer’s visa number, ID number, and valid residence status. For those wanting to know their exact Iqama fine balance on hand and stay updated with their financial conditions from time to time; here is how you can check your Iqama fines in Saudi Arabia for free.

Check Iqama Fine Using SADAD

Checking an iqama fine can be done quickly and easily using SADAD, Saudi Arabia’s online payment system. Using SADAD allows individuals to pay fines and other services online rather than having to go to a government office. This article will discuss the process of checking an iqama fine using SADAD and the benefits of doing so.

Create a SADAD Account

Before you can check any Iqama fines, you must create a SADAD account. This is an account you can use to pay bills, like utility bills and government fines, online. It is easy to sign up for SADAD, but it should be noted that your bank may charge additional fees for using the system; this information will usually be included on your statement if applicable.

To create a SADAD account:

1. Visit the website and click Sign Up Now
2. Enter your Credit Card and personal information
3. Verify your ReCaptcha
4. Create a username and password (must meet the length guidelines)
5. Read through the terms of service (TOS) and Accept them
6. Select a Mobile Authentication Code or enter an existing number
7. Add one or more cards by following the steps including verification of card details
8. Once all of this is completed, you will receive a text message containing your authentication code which will allow you to access your account once registered

Once you have created an account on SADAD, it’s easy to pay any fines related to Iqama quickly and safely online; simply follow the payment instructions provided by the website when prompted with an outstanding fine notice or building permit invoice report from MoI or Jawazat portals directly related to Iqama-related information such as residency permit violations, status expired penalties etcetera.

Log in to SADAD

If you want to check for any Iqama fines using SADAD, you need to log in to your account. At the SADAD homepage, select “Login” from the menu and enter your Saudi ID number followed by your password.

Once you’ve logged in, on the left side of the page select “Iqama Enquiry And Payment Services”. This will take you to a page where you can input your Iqama ID number and view all your related transactions. All fines or additional fees due will be listed there along with a breakdown of whatever payment is required.

You can then proceed with filling out the necessary details on the same page and make payment through one of several methods including Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards, or through Mada (also known as Credit Plus). You may also be able to pay through SADAD if it is enabled by local banks in your area.

Select the ‘Payment’ option

Once you’re on SADAD’s website, select the ‘Payment’ option from the menu at the top of the page. You will be presented with several payment types, choose ‘Iqama Fine’ and select ‘Go’. On this page, you will need to provide your Iqama number and click on ‘Confirm’.

The system will then display your details, including any violations that you may have committed along with related fines. You can pay the fines directly or arrange a payment plan through one of SADAD’s partner banks or financial institutions.

To make a payment or schedule one in installments, simply click on one of their offerings and follow the instructions provided by their partner bank or institution.

Select ‘Government’ From the List of Payment Categories

As a resident of Saudi Arabia, you may face fines either on the road or in your daily life. To check the status of any of your outstanding fines, follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to the SADAD website ( or open the SADAD app.
2. Enter your Iqama number and click on ‘Search’.
3. Select ‘Government’ from the list of payment categories.
4. You will be redirected to the Saudi Payment Network page with a list of documents that need to be paid along with the respective amount for each document.
5. On this page, if a document has no pending fee then it will contain “NO PENALTY” in its description column.
6. Read each line carefully and make sure you have all outstanding penalties fulfilled before leaving Saudi Arabia.

Select ‘Ministry of Interior’ From the List of Government Entities

Once you have logged in to the SADAD payment app, select ‘Ministry of Interior’ from the list of government entities. This will take you to the MOI page where you can check your Iqama fine details. Enter your Iqama number, then press submit. You must use all twelve digits of your Iqama number to ensure that the fines are accurately displayed.

On the next page, you will be given a breakdown of all charges applied to your Iqama number. These may include traffic fines as well as other administrative charges and penalties imposed by the MOI or other government entities such as security departments, passport offices, and so on.

You can then review and confirm that all fines have been paid by selecting ‘print ticket’ or ‘view invoice’ from the top right side of the screen. The payment confirmation with details will be issued against each transaction made via the SADAD app.

Select ‘Check Iqama Fine’ from the list of services

Involving a few simple steps, you will be able to check the fines issued on your Iqama/muqeem through your SADAD account.

First, make sure you are logged onto your SADAD account. You can go to the SADAD home page via any web or mobile browser. Once signed in, you’ll need to select the “Recurring Payment Services” (RPS) option located at the upper right-hand side of the page.

Here you can find a list of services that SADAD provides including Remittances, King’s Payments, Payments to Individuals and Companies, Traffic Fines, and so on.

From this list of services scroll down and select the ‘Check Iqama Fine’ or ‘Muqeem Check Fines’ section depending on which term best suits your profile (national id). The next step is to enter the Iqama number followed by the captcha code in order to continue further with verifying fines.

When finished with entering both credentials correctly you will be able to view any fines placed against your name or Personal ID card number (Iqama/ Muqeem).

Enter your Iqama Number

In order to check a fine related to Iqama (also known as resident ID) you need to enter your Iqama number into the SADAD system. SADAD is the electronic bill payment system used by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. It has the ability to track and manage fines, penalties, and offenses related to an individual’s Iqama.

You can access the SADAD system online or via the mobile application, and enter your Iqama number in order to check if there is any outstanding cost that needs to be paid. Depending upon the type of fines, there may be different options on how they can be paid – either online through a debit or credit card, or through payment at any bank branch with SADAD service enabled.

Once you have entered your Iqama number into the SADAD system, you will be able to view all information related to fines associated with your ID including details on when they were issued, who levied them, and their status. You will also have access to information outlining what action should be taken in order to settle these fines.

It is important for all holders of Iqama visas in Saudi Arabia to frequently review their ID details for any violations in an effort to avoid outstanding costs associated with any unpaid fees and penalties associated with their visa status.

The process for checking fines is simple and efficient – use the SADAD system for quick access and detailed records about any outstanding charges against your visa status.

Enter the Verification Code

Once you have logged in to the SADAD website, you will be required to enter a verification code that is displayed on your screen. This code is used to prove that you are the actual user and not someone using your account to access your information. To verify, simply enter the code in the provided field and click “Continue”.

Once confirmed, you will then be able to view your Iqama fine balance as well as any outstanding fines associated with it. To get more detailed information about any of these fines, click on the “Fines Details” option at the bottom of each item.

Here you can find out more information such as the date incurred, date due, detailed description, and category or type of fine. You can also access records for any payments made towards these fines by selecting the “Payment Details” tab for each fine.

Once all required payments have been made towards a particular fine, it will show as “Settled” on your balance sheet and can no longer be used for future penalty calculation. It is important to ensure that all fines are paid/settled before entering Saudi Arabia or renewing an expiring residency permit (iqama).

Doing so will avoid receiving a hefty penalty or denial of renewal if caught with an unsettled Iqama Fine at immigration check-in points.

Review the Fines

The SADAD Payment System is an online service offered by the Saudi government to provide citizens with a quick and secure way to pay fines, taxes, and bills. It provides users with an easy way to check Iqama fines and other fees they may be responsible for.

When a person visits the SADAD website, he or she can sign in through their Saudi e-services account. After authentication, the user will have access to various web pages where they can select what type of payment they wish to make. The website allows users to review all fees that are due, as well as any penalties they may have accrued over time.

The fees listed on the website should be carefully reviewed before payment is made. Penalties can include speeding violations, traffic violations (such as parking), property-related offenses, and any other fine that has gone unpaid for whatever reason.

Depending on the type of fine incurred, there may also be an opportunity for pardon or reduction of fines through proper presentation of documents or making a written appeal to authorities within a specific timeframe.

Once users have reviewed the outstanding Iqama fines, payments can be made using a variety of payment methods including debit card, MasterCard, or Visa Card as well as funds from their bank account. Payment confirmation is sent via email or text message and users will also receive a confirmation when final payments are recorded at the SADAD headquarters in Riyadh.

Check Iqama Fine Using Absher

Checking your Iqama fines has become quicker and easier than ever with the introduction of the Absher system. Absher is an online platform developed by the Saudi government that allows citizens to manage their accounts and details, such as Iqama fines. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to check Iqama fines using Absher.

Log in to Absher

It is now possible to access the Absher platform on your computer browser or using the app for both Android and iOS. Absher is used for various services in Saudi Arabia, such as renewing or applying for certificates and permits, checking Iqama fine status, tracking your visa status and application, etc.

To log in to the Absher platform, follow the steps below:
– Visit the URL or open the app on your device. You can download it from Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).
– Enter your username and password. If you don’t remember them, click ‘Forget Password’ to reset it.
– Once you’re successfully logged in to your account dashboard, use the menu options at the bottom of your screen to choose ‘Iqama Services’ option.
– On this screen, you will see an option to check Iqama fine status – just click on it.

Select ‘My Services’

To check the amount of the Iqama fine using Absher, firstly you will need to log on to the Absher platform.

Once securely logged on, select ‘My Services’ from the top left-hand corner of your main page.

You will then be asked to enter your specific information including any number that is linked to you such as your passport number or employee ID number.

Once this data is provided and successfully registered, you will be able to select ‘Fines Inquiry’ from the drop-down menu. By doing this, an analysis of your current Iqama status and any outstanding fines will be revealed.

This information will give a comprehensive summary of all driving misconducts such as parking violations, speeding tickets, or vehicle registration renewal notices that are associated with your Iqama number. If any fines exist they can easily be paid online after selecting ‘Pay Fines’ and following the prompts that are presented.

Select ‘Check Fines’

To check your Iqama fines using Absher, you first need to make sure you have an account on the Saudi government website by following these steps:

1. Visit the official Absher website (
2. Click on the “Sign Up Now” button located at the top right corner of the page.
3. Provide your National identity number and choose a six-digit Personal identification number (PIN), email address, and/or phone number to create your account and verify it via a one-time password (OTP) sent to one of the chosen methods from before.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can start using your Absher Account in order to check any fines imposed on your Iqama:

1. Visit the official Absher website (
2. Login with your new account information if not already connected automatically after the sign-up process is done or click “Login/Register” at the top right corner of the page if needed.
3. Once logged in, go back to the homepage and select “Fines & Services” located under the smart services tab then choose “Check Fines” from the displayed options below it in order to view any fines imposed on your Iqama.

Enter your Iqama Number

When you are ready to check the fines associated with your Iqama, you can use a variety of methods. The most convenient way is to utilize the Absher portal, put in place by the Saudi government. To proceed, follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in using your username and password associated with your Absher account.
2. Once you are logged in, click on ‘My Services’ on the left side of the screen, then select ‘Fines & Penalties’.
3. This will take you to a page that will ask for your ID number (Iqama). Type it into the box, making sure there are no spaces or special characters included in it when you do so.
4. Once your Iqama has been accepted, a list of all applicable fines and penalties will be displayed along with any applicable fees and charges associated with them. You can pay any applicable fees by clicking ‘Pay Now’ adjacent to any unresolved fines/penalties listed on this page; this will redirect you to another page where payment can be made using your credit card information or in another fashion such as through a bank account if so desired.

Review the Fines

Review the fines on your Iqama using Absher, the official Saudi Arabia service. First, make sure your Iqama is up to date and in good standing with the Muqeem program. Once that is verified, log into your Absher account and select ‘view fines’ from the main menu.

Your list of fines will be categorized by type. Carefully review each line item to make sure all fines are noted, including any missed payment deadlines or traffic violations. If you believe any of them to be incorrect, click on that infraction for further details and further instructions on submitting a dispute or appeal if necessary.

To pay any outstanding fines listed on the summary page, select the ‘checkout’ option and follow the steps provided to complete your payment quickly and securely through your preferred payment method.

Once all relevant fines have been paid in full, you will receive a reference number which can be used to confirm that they have been paid successfully before exiting the Absher portal. It is recommended that you save this reference number for future reference if required.


It is important to know how to check for Iqama fines as soon as possible in order to avoid any negative consequences. Fortunately, Saudi Arabia has its own online portal, allowing you to quickly and easily access your information and keep track of any violations or infringements.

Once you know exactly what the status of your Iqama fines is, you can move forward with resolving them without any worry or stress. Remember, staying on top of the regulations surrounding expatriate residency in Saudi Arabia is crucial in order to live a successful and fulfilling life in the country.

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