A Sincerely Heartfelt Plea By North Delta Woman That Has Gone Viral!! Read It Here!!

Angela White is addressing each and every person about the Coronavirus pandemic: COVID-19 is no hoax, it is a life-threatening virus.

Angela White and her fiance Jerry Rice-Wyse are the victims of this deadly threat that makes you helpless. It can turn out to be your worst nightmare that is unthinkable and unpredictable. The couple knows it after Jerry did land in a hospital for COVID-19.

It is so tragic if you put your toe in Angela’s shoe then you will know the seriousness of the threat that the Coronavirus poses. Jerry was surely in serious life or death condition for several days. He was in such a situation where he was not sure if he will be able to see the beautiful face of his loved ones for the last time. But it all turns out in the favor of adorable couple as he did recover from the deadly virus. So, it was fortunate for him to continue his recovery from home now.

Angela White Pleads To Take COVID-19 Seriously!!

Angela White did share the video on her social media account pleading everyone to take COVID-19 seriously. At first, she did share her heartfelt plea to her family members and close friends. But later, she did post it publicly after getting encouragement from the viewers. The video has more than 15 k views and it is increasing by the day.

White recalls that her husband came home a little down on 2nd April and he was having a full-blown sore throat at midnight. It did seem like a common cold that will fade away in one or two days. But on April 6, things were beginning to get worse than it was before as Jerry was having pain, breathing problems, and more.

By that night, Jerry was taken to the hospital for COVID-19 symptoms and the pain and suffering are really hard. So Angela asks everyone to stay in isolation at home every single day until everything is back to normal.

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