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Happy Valley’s much-awaited final and third season is about to premiere on BBC One. When Sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) finds the gangland murder victim’s bones in a dried-up reservoir, it sets off a chain of terrible events that takes her to Tommy, the father of her grandchild Ryan and the man who raped her late daughter.

The BBC has published fresh photos, giving us a glance at Ryan (above), now a teenager portrayed by Rhys Connah, and Tommy Lee Royce (below), who is now suffering in jail for the atrocities he perpetrated in season 1.

Happy Valley season 3

Happy Valley hasn’t broadcast on BBC One in six long years, but we now have a sneak peek at the much-awaited new season, which will debut shortly. Furthermore, Sally Wainwright, the show’s creator, has written six series finales, confirming speculations that season 3 of the grim police drama would be its last season.

The truth encroaches on John in the season 2 finale. John’s wife’s boyfriend comes forward with information about where he was on the night of Vicky’s murder, Catherine’s sister Clare’s (Siobhan Finneran) new partner Neil (Con O’Neill) admits that Vicky blackmailed him in the past (thus providing a potential motive for her murder), and John’s coworkers recognize how suspicious it is that John is listed as a contact on Vicky’s phone.

Happy Valley season 3: plot

The season ends with a search when Catherine quickly realizes that John might be the culprit. Before falling to his death, John breaks down in tears and admits to murdering Vicky on the bridge just outside of the police station.

We learn about Cecily Wheland’s personal life and that she is really Frances’ deceased sister; as a result, Catherine is detained for fraud. However, after being freed on bond, Catherine goes to see Frances to let her know that Royce has three more engagements. In the last episode of the series, it is revealed that Frances really persuaded Ryan to send his father a letter in which he confesses his love for Royce.

We’ve included all the information we currently have regarding the multiple-BAFTA Award-winning Happy Valley, including that of the narrative and release date, below. The principal cast, which includes Sarah Lancashire, James Norton, and Siobhan Finneran, has announced that they will all reprise their roles.

Happy Valley season 3: Cast

In Happy Valley season 3, Sarah Lancashire reprises her role as Sergeant Catherine Cawood. Clare Cartwright, who is healing, is portrayed by Siobhan Finneran, while James Norton reprises his role as Tommy Lee Royce, her adversary.

Other major figures from the previous season are also making a comeback, such as James Norton’s Tommy Lee Royce, Siobhan Finneran’s Clare Cartwright, and Rhys Connah’s Ryan.

Neil, Clare’s boyfriend, will also be back, played by Con O’Neill, along with Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah), Nevison Gallagher (George Costigan), Daniel Cawood (Karl Davies), Allison Garrs (Susan Lynch), Mike Taylor (Rick Warden), Charlie Murphy (Ann Gallagher), Richard Cawood (Derek Riddell), and Andy Shepherd (Vincent Franklin).

Amit Shah (The Other One, The Long Call), Mollie Winnard (All Things Great and Small, Four Lives), and Mark Stanley (The Girl Before, White House Farm) will all make appearances in Happy Valley’s last episode in “pivotal roles” that have not yet been made public, according to BBC One.

The convicted felon is serving a jail sentence for his offenses (not least trying to stage a murder-suicide with Ryan in series one). Seven years later, Royce is still in jail, but this time, he is being questioned over connections to a gangland murder.

Ryan seems to be another protagonist who is expected to get a significant amount of attention and screen time in this upcoming season (Rhys Connah). At the age of 16, Wainwright has hinted that Ryan will struggle with his identity and upbringing throughout the third season, telling Radiotimes.com that “he’s someone who’s attempting to make sense of his history and find out the truth about his past.”

The Rising’s Oliver Huntingdon, Sex Education’s Jack Bandeira, God’s Own Country’s Alec Secareanu, and Gentleman Jack’s Anthony Flanagan are all newbies to Happy Valley.

First of all, doesn’t it feel wonderful to be able to say “Happy Valley season three”? Having only waited since 2016, we deserve this. The BBC has now officially revealed the show’s entire cast, including both new and returning actors, so the wait was well worth it.

As previously mentioned, James Norton as Tommy Lee Royce, Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright, and main actress Sarah Lancashire will all be returning to play Sergeant Catherine Cawood.

More returning cast members have now been officially announced by the BBC. Con O’Neill will reprise his role as Neil Ackroyd, while Rhys Connah will return as Ryan Cawood.

After finding the remnants of a gang warfare murder victim in a dried-up reservoir, the third season will follow Catherine, who is still fighting the valley’s apparently endless drug issue and those who provide it. Catherine is now on the verge of retiring. She returns to Tommy Lee Royce immediately after making the discovery.

The first season was based in Yorkshire and has strong origins in detective novels, with the storyline revolving around issues of sexual abuse, sexism, and domestic violence. It’s understandable why it gained high praise from critics after its premiere.

When did Happy Valley season 3 shooting begin?

Happy Valley’s third and last season officially began production in January 2022, according to the BBC. With an average viewership of 9.3 million viewers for its second season, the program has received various television accolades.

How many episodes will there be in Happy Valley season 3?

For the upcoming season of Happy Valley, Sally Wainwright has penned six more episodes, each of which will last for 60 minutes.

Happy Valley season 3 Trailer

There is, indeed! Watch it now right here. Lancashire reprises her role as Sergeant Cawood in the short first-look trailer for the upcoming series, while James Norton appears as Cawood’s adversary Tommy Lee Royce.

Where to watch Happy Valley season 3

Happy Valley is accessible to watch on BBC iPlayer and BritBox for anybody who wants to keep up with the two series that have previously been shown.

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