Love Life Everything you need to know about New show

Everything you need to know about New show Love Life

HBO returns with the new show Love Life. It is a Romantic Anthology series. This series will portray the American Love Affair and romantic relationship; also it will display how the relationship works when it gets older by the time. So, in this post, we are talking about the release date, cast and trailer details of HBO’s Love Life.

About Love Life Anthology

Now, you know about the genre and concept of Love Life Series. Let’s get move on to the production details of the series. Series Love Life is created by Sam Boyd. When he announced the show, he said love life is treating to watch for every age group. Alongside, Sam Boyd, there are multiple producers are connected with the Series, such as Anna Kendrick, Paul Feig, Bridget Bedard, and Jessie Henderson.

If we decode the film name Love Life, it will sign us that film will bring with Love, but it will include comedy and drama to create more interest in love. Sam Boyd said in his interview that, he tried to add some humor and laughter in love to express more romance in the couple. Love always comes with two or three hurdles and problems, but you need to stay up with any cause.

The Cast of Love Life

Let’s look out the cast of Love Life Series. Zoe Chao will play the role of Sara, she is the roommate of Darby and the best form of her. Role of Mallory will play by Sasha Compere she is also stating with Sara and Darby. Anna Kendrick will feature as Darby, who is struggling to find true love.

Release Date of Love Life 

This series will release on OTT on 27 May 2020. It will be released on HBO’s platform, after the logline, it looks like the season will worth binge-watch.

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