When Is Van Helsing Season 5 Coming To Netflix?

When Is Van Helsing Season 5 Coming To Netflix?

Van Helsing Season 5 release date is still unknown. Usually, it takes around one year to produce a tv show like “Van Helsing season 5,” and the first time I saw this genre as a different-like story of vampires and humans, I was amazed. Each character’s story wants to know the story of each character. The good thing is that we still have season 4, so we can enjoy that one and wait for the next one.

Netflix has ordered Same Day as Television (SDAT) release for Van Helsing Season 5 episodes in Netflix USA and other countries:

Episode 1 will be released on Netflix US and across the globe along with other countries at the same time when the show airs on the Syfy channel in mid-2020 or late 2019.

It means users from all around the world get a chance to watch “Van Helsing season 5” at precisely 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT, 6 pm PT on Saturday nights if they get access to the channel.

Netflix will get episodes 1, 2, and so on week after episode 3 by the Syfy Channel in the USA and other countries. We can expect all episodes before mid or end 2020:

Netflix van helsing cast:

netflix’s original series van Helsing stars a mix of old and new faces, with some actors appearing in more than one episode.


Van Helsing – Kelly Overton debuted as VanVan Helsing, Gabriel’s daughter and sharp as a whip. Hester – Aleksandar Jovanovic plays the evil Dr. Jekyll, who is on a mission from his dark master to unleash hell on Earth.

Jacob Wells – Noah van Dijk is the handsome young leader of the New Orleans coven that becomes an ally for Vanessa and company against evil forces. Will – Rukiya Bernard rounds out our cast as a sharp-tongued New Orleans witch who joins forces with Vanessa. Jack – Jonathan Scarfe is the mysterious Jack who hat times, he as his agenda in dealing ula, but strikes up an uneasy alliance at times.

Charles –

Christopher Heyerdahl plays our reluctant vampire-with-a-soul hero who’s fallen off the wagon after Vanessa killed him in season one. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and save humanity once again, even if that means teaming up with evil monsters.

Vanessa makes promises she can’t wholly keep to get Charles back on board, but he remains wary of her nevertheless. Eva – Chantal Harvey plays the daughter of vampire slayer Abraham van Helsing who returns from Amsterdam hellbent on revenge against Gabriel for turning her vampire.

Unlike last season where viewers are left not knowing why Eva wants to kill Gabriel, we get a flashback scene to her turning and seeing her baby brother. Gabriel – Jonathan Scarfe makes his debut as the New Orlean’s vampire king who tries to make peace with his daughter Vanessa, though she is hellbent on killing him.

He goes up against Dr. Jekyll in his attempts to find the mysterious “Black Forest” portal that will lead him back into Dracula’s castle, where he’ll fight for control of vampiric Earth.

Dracula –

After making a brief cameo in the season 1 finale, the infamous count returns to van Helsing. We get our first look at the original vampire lord in the flesh. He’s kept himself alive over the centuries by feeding on virgins, which he does with Mina while trying to win her trust.

Dracula was last seen in van Helsing dying after being staked through the heart by Vanessa. His demise seemed final, but Nathaniel gets his body out of Van Helsing’s custody and brings him back to life.

Prince Vladislaus –

Aleksandar Jovanovic also makes his debut as Dracula’s son, killed by Abraham years ago when Dracula no longer had control. Jekyll has brought him back from the dead to fight for his father’s cause.

Nathaniel –

Oliver Bell returns from season 1 as Vanessa’s half-brother is turned into a vampire by Eva after killing her to keep her from turning his true love, Claire.

He also plays Dracula’s son Vladislaus, who was killed by Abraham years ago when Dracula no longer had control. Jekyll has brought him back from the dead to fight for his father’s cause.

Pilar –

Vanya Christie rounds out our cast as young vampire Pilar, who Nathaniel turns into a vampire after killing the rest of her coven in season one. Her story becomes entwined with Vanessa later in the season, which causes some controversy among fans after offering herself up to Dracula not to hurt Charles or Mina at the first meeting.

Mina – Rhona Mitra appears as Dracula’s recently widowed wife, Mina, who’s been stuck in the castle since he was sent to Van Helsing prison at the end of season one. She strikes up an unlikely alliance with her former enemy, Abraham, when he comes to Dracula’s castle searching for Vanessa.

Where can I watch van Helsing season 5:

You can watch Van Helsing Season 5 on AMC in the USA

Hello, I want to know if you plan to air season 5 of van Helsing. And when it can watch online. Please send me an email with that information. Thanks, Reply Delete

The first four episodes have already aired on AMC. The rest of this season will start airing later in the year, probably around September. Reply Delete.

Will they release this show for streaming once completed?

I don’t have cable, so……I prefer watching at home instead of going out to some bar or restaurant…I had some people over last night, and we had some fun watching the previous seasons.. ..considering starting a weekly tradition soon.

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