What Time Does Starbucks OPpen Near Me?

What Time Does Starbucks Open Near Me:

Starbucks has become a coffee empire, with more than 20,000 stores worldwide. Every city seems to have at least several stores. Fortunately for you, this list should help you track down one near you.

If it’s Starbucks time, then even if it’s still dark outside, there are probably people walking in through the doors of local Starbucks shops. When your nearest Starbucks opens, you can find out by checking out our store locator map. This map will show you all the different locations in your neighborhood, along with their exact opening times. Just enter your location and enjoy!

We’ve also included some fun facts about how many drinks are sold during each hour of every day at Starbucks – check out the photos below!

All Starbucks locations open at 5 am Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, all areas open at 6 am.

The busiest time of day at Starbucks is between 7 am, and 10 am, with an average of 1,148 drinks sold per hour. The least busy time of day is from 11 pm to midnight, with only 367 drinks sold per hour.

So the next time you’re wondering what time Starbucks opens near me, now you know! Just use our store locator map to find your nearest location and get started on those caffeine cravings. And if you’re curious about how many drinks are sold during each hour of the day at Starbucks, scroll down below!

Starbucks Fun Facts:

What time does Starbucks open near me? Okay, so you may not want to know how many drinks are sold during each hour of the day at Starbucks – it’s probably depressing if you’re trying to give up coffee, but just for fun, here are some figures.

Every minute of every day…

– A new latte is started.

– Two cups are filled with espresso shots.

– Someone becomes a Gold member by purchasing an additional 12 drinks per year.

– Three people pay for their drink with mobile payment.

During the morning rush period (7 am to 11 am)…

– A new limited breakfast sandwich is ordered every 10 seconds.

– A new handcrafted beverage is ordered every 6 seconds.

– More than 200,000 people get their caffeine fix.

Every hour of every day…

– The total number of Yelp reviews for Starbucks stores in the U.S. reach 2,625.

– 47 people take selfies with the #StarbucksSelfie Statue outside the New York flagship store at 86th Street and 5th Avenue.

– An average of 968 new Starbucks Rewards™ members join us each minute worldwide via Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

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