Virgin River season 2 Breaking the bubble

Breaking the bubble of Virgin River season 2.

Virgin River, The Series production and release are under the banner of Netflix. The show is an American Romantic drama series. The plot of the series revolves around the Melinda Monroe. Melinda often referred to as Mel in the series. Mel moved from California to a small town Virgin River. Mel wants to start a new life and forgot about her past. She works as a midwife in town.

When she was in California, she thought that living in a small town would be peaceful. but on the contrary to her thought, the people of a small town was not same as she thought. The plot of the season excited the viewers with season 1 and, now viewers are expecting some news on season 2. But will it happen or was it canceled?

Was season 2 got canceled?

No season 2 did not get canceled. Netflix has not given green light on the cancelation of the show. Somehow we can expect for season 2. The show was renewed officially last December.

 when will be show premiered?

The tweeter’s tweet claiming that the new episode will be premiered in 2020. But this can’t be possible due to no news arrived from production about filming. Due to this Coronavirus pandemic, there is no chance of starting soon. So sadly the second season can’t release this year.

Netflix didn’t confirm the release date yet and, even the production has not started. The best guess we can make about the release will be in mid-2022. The production of the show will start this September.

who is going to be in the cast? let’s find out. The cast of the upcoming season has not revealed yet. But most of the cast will be the same for season 2. No doubt Alexandra Breckenridge will be seen in the role of Melinda again. A couple of new characters also adds up as per a story. Any news will arrive; We will update you with this article.

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