what is missing from the SEPE to regain normalcy

One month after the cyberattack on the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), its direct consequences are being seen. “We have not arrived in time to pay all the benefits“, assures Manuel Galdeano, national coordinator of the CSIF union of SEPE.

Because the internal computer systems are not yet fully available, they do not have a specific number of affected, but the unions speak of thousands of affected. Up to 150,000 claims for benefits could be delayed to May, according to Josetxo Gándara, CCOO representative at SEPE. Between 80,000 and 90,000 people They will be left without receiving the benefit this April, according to the CSIF.

Although the SEPE systems have begun to recover, there are still a series of actions such as document verification or data transfer that are being done manually. All one cumulative workload from previous weeks which is causing these delays in the payment of some benefits.

The SEPE begins to recover two weeks later: how the cyberattack has affected and what delays in benefits are expected

The workload due to the cyberattack delays the payment of benefits

“Everything had to be picked up by hand and then all that information had to be transferred to the computer systemUntil everything is completely turned over, it is not possible to know exactly how many people it affects ”, explains Galdeano.

From the Ministry of Labor they ensure that all payments will arrive on time, but internally, officials explain that many benefits can no longer arrive on time because they were not processed before. People who have already been granted a benefit should be paid normally. Usually the benefits arrive between the 10th and 15th of the month, although due to Easter, there are entities that have anticipated the payment.

The management of benefits is carried out unevenly depending on the autonomous community, being the main capitals the most affected. Joaquín Pérez Rey, Secretary of Employment and Social Economy, assured during the press conference to explain the unemployment data that “most of the people who are waiting or who have the right to benefit (for unemployment) will receive between today and tomorrow” .

From CC.OO they explain that if someone does not collect the benefit on the 10th, they will not have to wait a month. This is because the management can be processed during this week and would technically arrive on the 20th.

The SEPE is still unable to telecommute and the website is not 100% operational

“The minister had to have implemented the afternoon shift to carry out the paperwork, have given us more material resources and have increased the SEPE staff,” they criticize from the CSIF.

From the SEPE they report that the offices and telephone centers are already operational and that most of the steps are being taken, but the unions report that employees do not yet have an internet connection and they cannot telecommute. Before the cyberattack and due to the pandemic, some 1,500 of the 7,200 SEPE workers were telecommuting.

This is Ryuk, the ransomware that has knocked out SEPE (and that knocked out many others before)

As explained by the Secretary of Employment, SEPE’s workforce “has done more than 19,000 overtime hours to regain normal operating rhythm. “

Sepe Error Web A month later, from the SEPE website it is still not possible to access the verification of documents or the consultation of the benefit.

The SEPE website is still not fully operational. A month later, despite the fact that functions such as the previous appointment or the request for the ERTE Covid-19 have been recovered, You cannot access the verification of documents or the consultation of the service, the latter a point that has caused nerves in many people who have not yet received benefits and want to consult their personal data.

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