What Does Inhibit Mean?

What Does Inhibit Mean:

Inhibit means to stop or slow down the progress of something.

The police were able to inhibit the gang from stealing any more cars. Inhibit can also mean “to keep in check.” He will have a hard time inhibiting his anger when he hears about all the damage that has been done.

Inhibit is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. The opposite of a transitive verb is an intransitive verb, which does not take an object. For example, I like chocolate → . I eat chocolate; I do yoga → , exercise; My heart beats → It ticks; I run → *I ran (intransitive).

Transitive verbs always need objects – nouns or pronouns – to complete their meanings. A transitive verb is like a skeleton without any flesh without an object. It’s just bones.

What does inhibit mean in biology:- inhibit means to slow down or stop the activity of something. For example: “Tighten your seatbelt, and I will inhibit the speed (slow it down).”

“According to a new study, drinking alcohol inhibits your brain’s ability to control impulses.” –IFL Science

inhibit – meaning and definition: if someone or something inhibits you from doing something, they make it difficult for you to do it: e.g., “The noise from upstairs was inhibiting me from concentrating on my work.” OR “His parents inhibited his access to social media websites when he got in trouble at school.”

what does inhibit mean in medical terms:- In medicine, to interfere is to slow or stop something from happening. For example, a drug may inhibit the growth of a tumor. Another example is that an antibiotic can inhibit an infection.

There are many different ways that inhibition can occur in the body. In some cases, it may be a good thing – for example, if we want to stop a muscle from contracting. However, in other cases, inhibition can lead to problems – for instance, when it comes to our ability to think and make decisions.

What does inhibit mean in pacing:

It means that additional material will be added to the base resin. The term is used when discussing how a laminate is produced and can include such materials as ETFE, Aluminum Skin, Carbon Fiber, etc.

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