What Does C/O Mean

What Does C/O Mean:

c/o = care of. You put c/o on the end of a person’s address when you are sending mail to their place of work.

C/O is also used as an indicator for cases where one has not been assigned a number, but rather “referred” to another article. The C/O marker means that the subject may be discussed in another article (perhaps listed in the See Also section).

The link above explains it further if needed. I usually just c/p this explanation into chat and explain it there so I dont have to type it out every time somebody asks me what it means.

What does co mean in address:

Co is a word that can be found in front of the address as an abbreviation. It means “County”. In this case, if it’s your home address or business address, you would put this as the county name. If it refers to a PO Box number, there may not be a street number associated with it. In those cases, you might find a P.O. box listed next to the mailing address and then just place co after that for your state’s abbreviation (i..e CO).

What does co mean medical:

Co is an abbreviation for the word “company”. When used in a medical context, it might refer to the name of the company that manufactures a particular medication or medical device. It could also refer to the name of the clinic or hospital where a patient is being treated. There can be multiple meanings for co in a medical setting, so it’s best to ask your healthcare provider if you’re not sure what something means.

What does co mean in text:

In texting, “co” is often used as an abbreviation for “with”. For example, “co-worker” would be shortened to “coworker”. It can also be used as an abbreviation for “county” as in “CO state” for “Colorado state”.

What does co mean in email:

Co is an abbreviation used in emails and messages and is another way of saying company. It is also a word that can be used to abbreviate the word with or together. The use of this shortened version helps keep messages shorter and easier to read by removing unnecessary words.

CO meaning slang:

Co is a slang abbreviation that means “cool”. In this context it also replaces the word “okay” and can be used as an informal way of agreeing with something. Co can also mean cocaine, but this is less common. What does co stand for medical:-

In medicine, Co refers to company or corporation. The term may refer to a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a health care clinic certified by a given state for administering vaccines, a blood bank which collects donor blood and processed into components such as red cells for transfusion purposes, or any institution that processes blood products from donors through to final distribution. A person too will have their own bodily fluid sampled at some point in life so it’s not unusual to go by a co in that regard. What does co mean in abbreviation:-

What does co mean abbreviation:

co means “company”. The term is most commonly used in reference to the name of the company which manufactures drugs or medical devices. It can also refer to a clinic or hospital where someone is currently receiving treatment. There are several meanings for this term, so it’s best to ask your healthcare provider if you’re not sure what something means.

hat does Co mean in texting :

Co is often used as an abbreviation for “with” in texts and emails. For example, coworker would be shortened to coworker. It can also be used as an abbreviation for “county”, as shown in CO state for Colorado state.

what does co mean in real estate:-

In real estate, CO stands for “cent per square foot”. This is a term used to measure the cost of leasing or renting commercial property. It is calculated by dividing the amount of rent being charged by the total number of square feet in the property. This measurement is most commonly used in the United States.

The term CO can also stand for “cost per ounce” when referring to precious metals such as gold and silver. This calculation is used to determine the price of an item based on how much metal is present in it. For example, if a ring has 1/10th of an ounce of gold, its cost would be $10 ($100 per ounce / 10 = $10).

What does co mean in terms of numbers:-

In terms of numbers, co is the symbol for the number “complement”. This is a mathematical term which refers to the number of items in a set that are not specifically named. For example, if you have a set of five items and two of them are apples, the complement would be three (5-2=3). This number is used in probability and other mathematical calculations.

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