My Hero Academia 308 spoilers and images: the return of Deku after the break

The surprise break of My Hero Academia had thrown all the readers of the manga into despair, both Japanese and non-Japanese. However, the mangaka has recovered and in the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump the return of the story has been confirmed with Izuku Midoriya as the protagonist, who is being reviewed at a particularly important moment.

I first spoilers of My Hero Academia 308 with images show us what the new skills of the protagonist are. The title of the chapter is “Full Power”, or full power. Muscular recognizes Deku by the voice, as the boy is floating in the sky with Shindo in his arms.

The two begin to fight while Deku makes use of the Float but also of the Smoke Screen, a quirk inherited from the sixth bearer of the One for All. Together with the Danger Sense and the Black Whip, all techniques that have become even stronger thanks to the inheritance received over the years, One for All’s strength is overwhelming and Muscular can’t hit Deku even once.

The protagonist’s speed makes him position himself in such a way that he can hitting Muscular at 100% strength. The attack is enough to completely knock out the enemy, showing the difference in strength between the two. The chapter of My Hero Academia ends with the sentence “What will happen to the clash with the villains? What will happen to Deku, who has started acting alone?”

My Hero Academia 308 will arrive on MangaPlus officially in English and Spanish on Sunday 11 April at 18:00.

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