What are The Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction?

What are The Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction?

1. Fatigue -extreme fatigue, tiredness, even if you have just woken up from a 6-hour sleep. This may be waking up in the morning and not being able to get out of bed or wanting to nap after just one or two hours of work for some people.

2. Intolerance to cold temperature which won’t go away with wearing heavy clothing in freezing temperatures. It’s like your body is constantly shivering when it’s cold outside even though you are dressed appropriately.

3. Low body temperature which is 98 degrees F or less at normal room temperature (72 degrees F). You may feel you are getting chilled when other people don’t feel anything bad about the temperature inside the room they are in.

4. Hair loss, which is also the most common symptom among hypothyroid patients. Hair can become brittle and dryer than you would notice yourself. If you are losing hair by the day, especially after one or two weeks of noticing it to be coming out easily in normal combing or washing, then that’s probably an indication of thyroid dysfunction even if your TSH test result came back “normal”. You may want to check for other causes for hair loss, but if it persists despite good nutrition, then perhaps there is something wrong with your thyroid activity.

5. Dry skin – this occurs because your body isn’t producing enough sebum (your natural oil) to keep you well-moisturized through normal activities.

6. Low body temperature which is 98 degrees F or less at normal room temperature (72 degrees F). You may feel you are getting chilled when other people don’t feel anything bad about the temperature inside the room they are in.

7. Moles on your skin with open holes in them, also known as “exposing” moles which can be seen easily due to having a raised edge around it. Also, if they bleed then that’s another indication of thyroid dysfunction because these moles are cancerous but your immune system couldn’t do anything about it because you have low immunity due to your poor thyroid function.

These moles develop very rapidly during times of stress and depression, so look out for any new changes on your skin because you never know what it could be if you fail to check them every time after a shower.

8. Bleeding gums, tooth decay, or gum disease which can be felt whenever you turn your mouth left or right when brushing or flossing teeth, especially at the back of your mouth where hard-to-reach places are located. Your dentist will notice this before others do since he is well-trained in checking for signs of hormonal imbalance inside the mouth.

9. Heart palpitations are that heart-pounding very fast because it’s working harder than usual due to increasing levels of stress hormones like cortisol because thyroid function has decreased and adrenaline increased to compensate resulting in an upregulated sympathetic response which increases cardiac output.

Most people experience this symptom when they are scared or nervous, especially if the heart palpitations started suddenly one day without any known reason which is due to “unknown” reasons but still noticeable even by your friends and family.

Thyroid symptoms in females:

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Female hyperhidrosis:

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Hypothyroid disease in women:

Hyperthyroid female problems:

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Female hyperthyroid symptoms:

Female thyroid disease types:

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Hyperthyroid women:

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Hyperthyroidism in women causes:

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Thyroid symptoms and cure:

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