Westworld Season 4 the character of Evan Rachel Wood

About Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 4

The Third Season of Westworld was just completed and the character of Evan Rachel Wood, Dolores has died in the last episode. People are asking a question about the Dolores will back with Westworld Season 4 or not? Here, we answer you about Evan Rachel Wood and gives you information about Westworld Season 4.

Nolan Said that character is gone forever and she will not see any more in following Season 4. Fans did not expect these things are going to happen at the end of Season 3. After Dolores Mysterious hiding in season, 3 people are expecting that Dolores will join the series sooner o later, but Season 3 confirmed the death of Dolores and people’s heart goes for her.

The writer is trying to make more realistic Season 4 that’s why they don’t want to create any mess after re-introducing Dolores Character. She died so viewers and fans have to accept it and move on from that event.

The last episode was revolving around the Dolores and Serac. Serac goes on Dolores and then he got access to Rohoboam’s Computer. After that, he is removing all of her memories from the computer. In the end, nothing was left in Dolores and we have to forget Dolores. Nolan is the show maker, so he has confirmed the news by the writer.

Here, we have record Nolan’s statement about the Dolores Death. He said that “I think it’s important with a show in which death can be impermanent, these are robots, after all, to mark the occasion with Dolores. That version of that character is gone” So, this news confirmed that Rachel is gone and chances of her entry are completely shattered now.

If Rachel is not in Season 4, then what will be the next story? The writer of the show said that now, there will be a big turnout happen in Westworld Season 4.

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