Friends Cast Reuniting, Check out When and Where

Friends Cast Reuniting, Check out When and Where

Mark your dates pals, Friends are back on the screen again. Not for the next season but they are planning for a reunion. Here, we inform you who will be joining this reunion, when and where this Friends reunion will happen.

People are trapped in coronavirus pandemic and for relief, Famous Series and Movies cast are scheduled their Digital Reunion. Friends cast are joining them; they are planning to reunite on HBO Max. And the motive of this reunion is together a charity fund for Coronavirus victims.

Monday, Individual Friends Cast is announced about their reunion. They put is video and announcement as an All in One Challenge, Their aim to target hungry people. They gather money for America’s Food Fund and Meal on Wheel; they want every child will slip with the whole meal. Not only friends cast but everyone can participate in this fundraising event. All of the money will go for a child food charity.

From participant, whoever won this competition cum event has the opportunity to meet friends cast. Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer will join the Reunion event. And the winner has an opportunity to meet this cast of Friends.

This Get Together was planned in March month but now it will be postponed to May month. In March Friends are meeting for their film shoot but the corona pandemic has ruined all of these things. Another shoot schedule has postponed in May month. Warner Bros seal a deal with 400 Million dollars. Warner Bros outbid Netflix and NBC Network to get rights of Friends. Every Friend cast gets 2.5 Million Dollars for the film.

HBO Max is likely to handle this Event. Six friends’ stars will feature in the Reunion Event. The event will handle on Zoom and handle by HBO Max. Friends cast get many reunions offers in this lockdown period.

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