Westworld, an injury to Luke Hemsworth forced the writers to rewrite a scene

After the first two seasons set in the theme park that gives the series its name, the third season of Westworld saw many of the characters land in the real world, offering a number of interesting insights. The arc of the character of Luke Hemsworth, however, has undergone some changes due to an injury to the actor.

As the actor recently told The Hollywood Reporter, at least one scene of his Ashley Stubbs has been rewritten. “At that time, I couldn’t participate in the choreography because I had a broken arm. My bicep had actually detached from the bone ” he recalled. “So the first scene with the boys in the corridor it was done before I had surgery. And then, when I did the scene with Evan, I was just operated. So my left arm was completely out of order in both fights. If you notice, at the beginning of the first fight in the hall they shoot me in the left arm, and I haven’t used it since. So it was something we worked on in writing. “

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Luke Hemsworth he then recounted what happened after his injury. “I had to do one very embarrassing call to production and say: I did this really stupid thing, what do we do? And a lot of things went through my head, like that I would have been fired. But they were very helpful. Director Richard J. Lewis actually said: Ah, basically it is better that way. The fight was great. You did it with one hand and it turned out better than you would have done with two. “

A few weeks ago another star of Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood has closed her Twitter profile. If you haven’t already, you can check out our westworld season 3 review.


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