We tested Tivify on Android TV: a great way to watch DTT, movies and series

Tivify is a great alternative to watch TV on Android, especially in the event that we do not have DTT tuning. Similarly, in the event that we do, it is more than likely that it is more comfortable to use the Tivify interface than the TV’s own, being fully adapted to Android TV.

We have been able to thoroughly test it on a device with Android TV, so we are going to tell you what we have found and our impressions with a service that, as we anticipate, we have loved.

Live TV, movies and series

Img 2790 Tivify’s interface is perfectly adapted to television

Tivify, technically, is a low-demand television service. Allows us access free-to-air channels (you can check the complete list on their website), as well as programs already broadcast (one of its star functions). This means that, by opening its interface, we can access the list of DTT channels that we enjoy in Spain, previously ordered and classified (order that we can change at any time).

Tivify is one of the best experiences to watch TV without an antenna. The interface surpasses that of many Smart TVs

Although Tivify is a mobile app and a web service, the app for Android TV is perfectly adaptedIn fact, I dare say that it is one of the best interfaces for watching television on Android TV. It is also fully adapted to the use of the remote, so we can use it comfortably.

Img 2789 We can control everything from the Android TV remote.

From said command (although this will depend on the command of each Android TV device), we can navigate through the grid, move through the program, record it, move through the menus and more. It is quite comfortable and intuitive, at least in our experience.

We will be able to access the last seven days broadcast, as well as record the television’s own content

Tivify allows us access the last seven days issued to be able to see any content from a television channel on demand. It also has a section on movies and series, where we find a quite interesting catalog to be able to enjoy beyond the television channels.

Img 2793

At the quality level, we have not had any problem with cuts, playing content both via WiFi (300Mb symmetric fiber) and connected to the Ethernet. Visual quality is excellent And, despite the fact that we are watching free-to-air television through the internet, the feeling is that of watching television from the antenna, a point very in its favor.

Another point that we highlight is the general optimization of the app at the level of animations, fluidity (although it will help that we have a good Android TV device) and how intuitive the interface is. It is a well made app, without notable failures and that allows us to take our Android TV to another level.

Tivify is a paid service, with a free trial period of one month. Later we will have to pay a price of 4.99 euros per month. There is no kind of permanence and we can link a total of five devices to the same account. The recordings will be available for 50 days and we can have two simultaneous views.



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