Not Dead Yet: Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

David Windsor and Casey Johnson are the creators and producers of the forthcoming ABC comedy series, “Not Dead Yet.” The humorous pilot will be based on Alexandra Potter’s 2020 book, Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up. One of the latest series to be announced, Not Dead Yet, has drawn a lot of interest.

Recently, ABC announced that the new programme will eventually be included in the network’s midseason schedule. On the contrary hand, the series looks to have an intriguing narrative and a star-studded cast, which has piqued viewers’ attention.

Not Dead Yet

Eight months into the year, leading television networks have produced a tonne of original content. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as a number of much-awaited debuts of original movies and series are set for the next weeks.

Additionally, ABC’s past programming competes with programmes from CBS and NBC, among others, and holds its own by bringing novel concepts and compelling characters. One of the most recent additions, Not Dead Yet, has recently generated much media attention. However, fans’ attention has been peaked by the series’ impressive ensemble and fascinating ideas.

So that people can get a start on matters and be knowledgeable before the programme even begins, we’ve put up a concise summary of the series release date, premise, and cast. The following is a compilation of all the details we currently have available about Not Dead Yet.

Not Dead Yet: Plot 

The protagonist character Nell Stevens, portrayed by Rodriguez, is ready to start again at the age of forty-something, according to the show’s premise. She just called off a lengthy engagement and is returning to her hometown of Pasadena to look for another journalistic career. Prior to realising she was unhappy, Nell gave up her ostensibly lucrative writing job to assist her ex-fiance in opening his own restaurant.

Nell’s life in Pasadena seems even more chaotic since she is surrounded by former friends who are married with children and successful marriages. When she finally lands a writing job in obituaries for the neighbourhood paper, it may appear to be a step back, but it really starts the character’s unique ability to see ghosts.

Through the course of the series, we’ll witness Nell juggle her developing profession with her newly discovered ability, living in a shared apartment with such a stranger, and getting back in touch with old acquaintances. With the use of dry humour focused on the profession, friendships, and sisterhood, the show aims to show that people in their forties are figuratively still alive and can forge new paths.

One of Windsor and Johnson’s professional highlights was working on the Not Dead Yet pilot with everyone at 20th, and they have cherished their many years as a member of the ABC/Disney family. The studio was quite encouraging right away. We are very excited to collaborate on projects in the future with Dana, Karey, Sharon, Carolyn, and the rest of their amazing teams, and we look forward to creating both funny and tragic shows with them.

Not Dead Yet: Cast 

Gina Rodriguez plays Nell, Joshua Banday plays Dennis, and Angela Gibbs plays Cricket in “Not Dead Yet.” Hannah Simone, who previously starred in Upcoming Girl, has also been cast as a series regular on ABC’s new comedy series Not Dead Yet, created by Casey Johnson and David Windsor, McG, and 20th Television, starring Gina Rodriguez.

In the movie based on Alexandra Potter’s 2020 novel Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up, she will portray a new character named Sam. Sam, a coworker of Rodriguez’s Nell, is a part of the single-camera comedy’s retooling, which is focusing more on the workplace and phasing out the female-friendship plotline from the pilot.

Because of this, Jessica St. Clair and Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who performed the parts of Nell’s pals Annabel and Fiona in the pilot, did not return for further episodes of the show.

Deadline reports that Lauren Ash, a former star of the single-camera broadcast workplace comedy Superstore, will now serve as a series regular on ABC’s Not Dead Yet, where she will play the lead alongside Gina Rodriguez.

Ash will portray Lexi, a brand-new character who is the newly appointed editor and the daughter of a successful newspaper owner. Lexi is hilariously out of contact with how regular people live since she was reared in a society of boarding schools & private jets. Lexi, a former horse jumper who almost made the Olympics, displays great confidence.

After the series was picked up, the actors Jessica St. Clair and Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who portrayed Nell’s pals Annabel and Fiona in the pilot, parted ways with it. As formerly of the NBC workplace tv comedy Superstore, Lauren Ash has been hired as the lead alongside Gina Rodriguez on the ABC sitcom Not Dead Yet, according to Deadline.

The wealthy heiress of the owner of a newspaper business and the new editor of the publication is Ash’s unique character, Lexi. Because she spent her formative years in the wealthy environment of boarding schools and private jets, Lexi is hilariously out of touch with the general populace. Like a former horse jumper who narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympics, Lexi exudes confidence.

She’s in over her head, to be honest, and if the newspaper doesn’t succeed, she’ll never be able to win her father’s favour, which she really cherishes. Casey Johnson and David Windsor are the program’s creators and executive producers.

Release Date of Not Dead Yet

On February 8, 2023, Not Dead Yet Season 1 will debut. The episode of ABC’s Not Dead Yet will air at the midpoint of the season. Rodriguez portrays Nell Stevens, a newly divorced disaster who is pressed for cash. Ten years after giving up on a bright profession, she is now attempting to duplicate her prior success.

However, Nell’s chances aren’t bright since she can only get employment writing obituaries. In any event, she’s about to begin getting advice from a completely unexpected source, which might assist her in getting her life back in order.

The very first two episodes will be shown on the network beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET on premiere day, making it a memorable occasion! Following that, the programme will continue to run on the channel every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. On Thursdays, Hulu will also broadcast the comedy the following day.

Official Teaser of Not Dead Yet

On May 17, 2022, the official teaser for 15 seconds was unveiled with the slogan, “Restarting one’s life is never simple. In the upcoming ABC comedy Not Dead Yet, Gina Rodriguez plays the lead role.

Nell Stevens (Rodriguez), a broke and recently single self-described catastrophe, is seen in the teaser striving to resume the life and profession she left behind 10 years ago. Nell begins receiving life advice from an odd source after landing the one and only job she could find writing obituaries.

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