“We are not against advertising”: Tim Cook calms the waters with his new transparency policies

iOS 14.5, the new version of the iPhone operating system, is on the way. And with it come the new transparency policies, which will oblige all developers to clearly state what data they collect from users and how it is used; and ask their permission to do so.

These are measures that protect the privacy of users, but they are bad news for all companies that use personal data to optimize the loading of ads on our screens. That is why Tim Cook has given an interview to make it clear that Apple is not against advertising.

Advertising yes, use of private data … with permission

In Cook’s words, digital advertising “will thrive in any situation because people spend more and more time connected to the internet and less time watching conventional television“. The CEO of Apple makes it clear that it is not a question of whether or not advertising will be stopped, but whether or not to allow applications to be capable of build a detailed profile of users without their consent.

The executive goes on to point out to companies that have complained about the tightening of regulations:

“The only reason you would want to step back [en la normativa] it is because you think you will get less data. And the only reason you would get less data is because the people who decide not to release that data didn’t have that opportunity before. “

Cook has also directly mentioned the legal battle against Epic Games, remarking that if third-party payments were allowed in addition to those from the App Store this would end up being “a flea market. “And we already know the trust that can be placed in a marketHe predicts that far fewer users would flock to the App Store, slowing Apple’s efforts to innovate in the catalog and preventing developers from having a large audience base in which to sell applications.

Apple changes to iOS 14.5 "to subscribe" for "Follow" a podcast with the rumors about its paid service

It is expected that iOS 14.5 and the equivalent versions of the rest of Apple’s operating systems are released before the end of this month. In addition, it is still suspected that they will come from the hand of new products that can be presented at any time (some say that tomorrow or Tuesday of next week). It will be the last major updates before we see iOS 15 unveiled at WWDC21.

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