The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro will increase its thickness by 0.5mm for its mini-LED screen, according to MacRumors

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 is going to be thicker. And it will do so for a good reason: to house the new display with mini-LED technology. We’re just hours away from today’s Apple event, and we’re already starting to see rumors like these about the products we’re looking forward to the most this afternoon.

0.5mm thicker iPad Pro for mini-LED display

As MacRumors learned from a source, the next iPad Pro 2021 that we will surely see today will be 0.5mm thicker than the previous generation. This is deduced from some plans received by the publication but which they have preferred to keep secret so as not to compromise the source. Specifically, the dimensions are:

  • 280.65mm long.
  • 215mm wide.
  • 6.4mm thick.

It is in the latter that the difference with the previous generation can be found. The thickness of an iPad Pro 2020 is 5.9mm, so the new generation would increase by 0.5mm. It may not sound like much, but in relative terms it is almost 10% more. Everything indicates that the increase in thickness is due to the inclusion of a mini-LED display in this model.

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In this way, the camera system would be more concealed in the large model, which would also grow from being a 27mm square to a 27.67mm square. The 11-inch iPad Pro it would remain with dimensions similar to its current generation. The biggest change that can be seen in these drawings for the smaller model is that the photo module would become a 25.3mm square instead of 25.3mm.

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