Warrior Nun Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Please get ready for some sad news, Warrior Nun fans: the series has been terminated after two seasons. Fans of Netflix really loved the fantasy adventure series, which took its cue from the comic book series with the same name. Its most current season, which was just published, often appeared in the Top 10.

However, the third season of the programme will not be produced, according to series creator Simon Barry. The cancellation of Warrior Nun is detailed below.

What Happens in Warrior Nun Season 3?

According to the official Netflix series description, “An orphaned girl finds she now has abilities as the selected Halo-Bearer for a hidden order of demon-hunting nuns after awakening in a mortuary.” The American manga-style comic book hero Warrior Nun Areala, written by Ben Dunn, is a vague inspiration for the show.

In Warrior Nun, a paraplegic orphan named Ava Silva experiences a strange rebirth after passing away. She can now walk and also have superhuman abilities. She is compelled by these abilities and the motivation behind them to enter the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an illustrious fraternity of nuns who combat demons on Earth.

Ava must learn to live as a warrior nun in order to avoid her newfound abilities and the information of the Order from falling into the wrong hands. Her newfound abilities make her the target of large forces in Heaven, on Planet, and in Hell.

Warrior Nun was created by executive producer and showrunner Simon Barry, and it was influenced by manga books. A 19-year-old lady (Alba Baptista) is the centre of the story; she awakens in a mortuary with a fresh outlook on life and a holy artefact lodged on her back. She finds out that she is now a member of a long-forgotten order entrusted with battling demons on Earth, and that both tremendous powers from heaven and hell are out to get her.

Thekla Reuten, Tristan Ulloa, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Lorena Andrea, William Miller, Sylvia De Fanti, and Toya Turner, who appeared in recurring roles in Season 1 before receiving promotions in Season 2, were also part of the series’ core cast in addition to Baptista.

Similar to season 1, the second season of Warrior Nun concluded with a major cliffhanger surrounding Ava’s destiny. One of the many incredible discoveries in Warrior Nun season 2 is that Adriel’s rule over Earth may have protected it from an even larger danger coming from his world, even if it meant Adriel’s religious enslavement of mankind.

The third season of Warrior Nun will probably centre on a conflict involving Earth and Adriel’s realm, which is commanded by the enigmatic force that Adriel fled to Earth to avoid a thousand years ago. The forthcoming conflict, Ava’s disappearance, the Halo, Lilith’s (Lorena Andrea) remarkable metamorphosis and her potential part in it, as well as Beatrice and the OCS’s future, would all be topics covered in a new season.

War is well underway by the conclusion of season 2, which ends with a number of significant cliffhangers but may also answer some of the larger, more general issues.

Adriel was vanquished once it was found that she was in charge of the Earth, but now that she is no longer a danger, a new, more significant one will emerge, and this will be the primary focus of season 3. The unanswered concerns about Halo and Lilith’s metamorphosis should also be included.

In addition, the relationships have been essentially addressed thanks to Ava admitting her love for Beatrice, thus it remains to be seen if the order will be able to survive in season 3 despite the residual dangers.

Warrior Nun Season 3 Cast

  • As Ava Silva, Alba Baptista
  • A young Ava is portrayed by Isabella Tabares.
  • Shotgun, Toya Turner as Sister Mary Sister Lilith is played by Mary Loren Andrea.
  • Tristán Ulloa portrays Father Vincent, with Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice.
  • Sister Camila, played by Olivia Delcán
  • Jillian Salvius is played by Thekla Reuten.
  • Mother Superior, played by Sylvia De Fanti
  • Adriel played by William Miller
  • in the role of Yasmine Amunet
  • Cardinal William Foster, played by Richard Clothier
  • Sister Dora played by Sadiqua Binum

The series’ narrator and star, 25-year-old Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, plays Ava Silva. At the age of 16, Baptista made her acting debut in the short film Miami by Simo Cayatte, for which she received the Best Actress Prize from the Festival Ibérico de Ciné. She has appeared in a number of movies and three television shows in her home Portugal, where she is fairly well-known.

She recently appeared in the recurring role of Natsha in the historic comedy-drama movie Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, which serves as her English-language debut before Warrior Nun. She may be recognised by brand-new Warrior Nun viewers as Chris Evans’ supposed girlfriend, which may have contributed to Season 2’s rapid rise in popularity.

Is there a Warrior Nun Season 3?

Unfortunately, Netflix will not be carrying Warrior Nun season 3. Warrior Nun was officially discontinued after two seasons on December 13 by the streamer. Although it’s unknown, it doesn’t appear probable that the series will locate a new home at some other streamer or network.

The second season’s lower-than-expected ratings led to the cancellation. The second season of Warrior Nun peaked at #5 in the Netflix top Ten and only remained there for three weeks. Additionally, given that the show had only been off the air for almost two years, the marketing for season 2 was far from stellar.

When was Warrior Nun cancelled?

Simon Barry, the series creator, broke the sad news of the show’s cancellation yesterday on Twitter (13th December).

As he tweeted: “My deepest gratitude to all the supporters who worked so hard to promote this series and for the love you gave me, the actors, and the entire production crew. I just learned that @netflix will no longer renew #WarriorNun. To take part in this was an honour.”

What have the actors had to say about the show’s cancellation?

Ava Silva’s main actress Alba Baptista expressed gratitude to the show’s viewers on Twitter.

Tweeted by her: “My time spent working on Warrior Nun was an extremely memorable period in my life. The performers and crew are to be commended for contributing all they had. We appreciate the love and support of our fans. I’m aware of you and I adore you. Everything was for you. I will always be appreciative.”

With 26.22 million worldwide hours, the programme debuted at position 6 in the first week. Viewing hours increased by 6% to 27.74M in week 2, but it wasn’t the significant increase the programme probably need.

Its viewership plummeted by a startling 57% in week 3. Anything over 50% is often an indicator that a show’s audience is dwindling and won’t support another season. The programme accumulated 65.93 million hours worldwide between November 6 and November 27, 2022.

One encouraging sign was that Warrior Nun season 1 was in the top 10 in week 2 with 20.10 million hours seen, indicating that the tenacious fan effort may have persuaded viewers who were previously on the fence to watch the programme.

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