Channing Tatum and Jessie J broke up after 3 months

Channing Tatum and Jessie J broke up after 3 months

Break-ups and Hook-ups in Hollywood are just normal and unavoidable in these days. One another couple is joining the table of a breakup, yes; we are talking about the Channing Tatum and Jessie J. After 3 months of relationship they are broke up with each other. They are going well while in a relationship and they made their red carpet debut together.

Channing Tatum is in a long term relationship with Jenna Dewan before starting dating, Jessi. He declares the separation between Dewan and him; he broke up a nine-year-long relationship. At that time of separation, both have posted a picture with a nine-year-old daughter Everly. It is the matter of late 2019, where Dewan and Tatum are part away.

In 2019, October Tatum and Dewan called off their nine-year-old marriage. Without any drama, their divorce was successfully committed and separation decision was mutual so there no leaching case on them. Both take a break from this headache separation and then both Dewan and Tatum are trying to fit with another partner. Back on Valentine’s Day, Tatum arranged the small party where their pictures are packed the social media handle.

Now, both stars are good friends; they haven’t fight or try to come back to each other’s life. The decision of separation was good actually because it won’t happen then their relationship might be converted into a toxic relationship.

Actor Tatum was turn out 40, and he seems very busy with his career. On his last birthday, his ex-wife wished a beautiful birthday message for Tatum on Social Media. Daughter of Tatum and Dewan, Everly is now the custody of Tatum. He lived with his nine-year-old daughter. While Jeena Dewan set a relationship with Steve Kazee and recently Dewan gives birth to the baby boy, Callum Micheal Rebel Kazee’s name. Tatum set a relationship with Jessie J and he broke up with her also.

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