Trevor’s dead body theories – Outer Range

Trevor Tillerson was launched in the first series of Outer Range. It was entitled The Void. He is the oldest son of Wayne Tillerson and ex-husband of Patricia Tillerson.

Luke and Billy Tillerson are the two brothers of Trevor.

He has been an Abbott neighbor since when he was a child. In the 1st series, he arrives at Abbott Ranch to bring official notice of the land dispute between the Tiller sons.

Later, Trevor meets Perry and Rhett at a bar, and they argue. The argument turns into a war, which leads to Trevor’s death. Eventually, Royal dumps Trevor’s body in space.

In the 0.33 episode, titled ‘Time,’ Amy unearths Trevor’s frame on a hill in the back of their house. Upon his discovery, Royal notified Deputy Sheriff Joy and began a murder investigation. Trevor’s body emerging from the black space is Abbott’s as not a single thing thrown by the Royal is back so far. 

Royal himself falls into a dark space, amazingly, can come back by jumping into a hole again. Since Trevor died, his body could not come back voluntarily like Royal.

However, the black void environment is likely to reintroduce predators over time. The same is true when Joy receives Trevor’s autopsy report, which states that Trevor died just hours before his body was found. As a result, the time has an impact on empty things. 

In addition, the mountain disappears just a few seconds before Trevor’s body is found. Joy and Royal both see this confusion.

This incident confirms that the black void can extradite time and area.

The mountain almost passed through the split in the continuation of space in the middle of the dark space when it just disappeared for a while. As Trevor’s body passed through the area, the mountains came together. The discovery of Trevor’s body teaches us that it is possible to recover lost objects in a dark place.

Unless the real nature of the black space is revealed, Royal and other characters are not able to comprehend the real effects of time and space on objects.

Moreover, it’s also viable that one of the alternative pieces of evidence, together with his blood-stained blouse and the belt he threw away in a darkish space, may also seem within the coming time.

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