Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime will be postponed indefinitely

After the plagiarism scandal in which the production of the animated adaptation of Tokyo Babylon, it was decided that they would seek to amend the error, which ended up postponing its premiere scheduled for April 2021, but recent information has revealed that the production committee has decided that the cancellation of the project should be done immediately, This is due to the fact that new incidents that are related to plagiarism have been discovered, in addition to those discovered initially, so this simply has resulted in the fact that there can no longer be faith that the project is being carried out correctly, so Now the anime is expected to resume in the near future with a new team and with the support of CLAMP.

Let’s remember a little … Just before the end of 2020 the study’s official website Gohands published that the animated adaptation of Tokyo Babylon it would no longer be premiering in April 2021, leaving us with a date to be defined in the future ..

The reason was nothing more than another than a repercussion of the accusation of plagiarism in some costumes presented in the promotionals, in which the team behind this project was involved, and although at the time the apologies were published, the production had to doing certain errands that ultimately resulted in this unfortunate news.

By the way, all previously revealed visual material was removed from the official website.

The project would be counting on the direction of Shingo Suzuki and Susumu Kudo in the study GoHands, the script was in charge of Jun Kumagai, in the character design section there were Makoto Furuta, while Furuta and Keiji Tani they would be in charge of the animation direction.

Regarding the anime’s musical themes, it was confirmed that Aoi and Mizuki they would be performing the opening and ending, respectively.

The anime would be bearing the name Tokyo Babylon 2021 and it had been decided to adapt the work to the present date, the work focuses on two onmyouji in charge of solving supernatural cases, both perishing to rival families, however, a friendship between them grows over time, until it is interrupted due to the strange change of one of them.

This CLAMP work has already been adapted to OVA twice, also in live and animated music videos, as well as in a Live Action.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime premiere April 2021 - anime news - anime premieres - anime online

For the cast, the following participations had been confirmed:

Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime premiere April 2021 - cast - Shouta Aoi as Subaru Sumeragi
Shouta Aoi como Subaru Sumeragi
Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime premiere April 2021 - cast - Nana Mizuki as Hokuto Sumeragi
Nana Mizuki como Hokuto Sumeragi
Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime premiere April 2021 - cast - Yuichiro Umehara as Seishiro Sakurazuka
Yuichiro Umehara como Seishiro Sakurazuka
CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon manga confirmed to have an anime in 2021 - anime news - anime premieres - anime 2021 online

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