Netflix seizes ‘Daggers in the back 2 and 3’ for 450 million dollars: Daniel Craig already has a new franchise after ending James Bond

What a knock on the table he just gave Netflix, since it has acquired the exclusive rights to ‘Puñales por latrás 2’ and ‘Back daggers 3’ for a whopping $ 450 million. A lot of money with which he wants to make it clear which is still the number 1 streaming platform today.

Imminent start of filming

Apparently, it was not even a real option that these sequels were seen in theaters and everything has been reduced to a bid in which Netflix has “defeated” Amazon and Apple TV +, the other major stakeholders. After this, the casting process for the second installment will begin immediately face at the start of filming in late June in Greece.

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For now, the only confirmed is Daniel Craig giving life once again to the peculiar detective Benoit Blanc. What’s more, Rian Johnson will return to take care of the script and the staging. At the moment there are no details about the story, but the director of ‘Looper’ already made it clear at the time that the sequel would be disconnected from the first installment. Come on, don’t expect to see any other old acquaintances beyond Blanc.

The amount paid by Netflix is ​​an even greater outrage if we consider that the first installment only cost 40 million dollars. Obviously, the figure will increase in the face of the aftermathBut Johnson still has plenty of room for this deal to be especially lucrative for him.

Via | Variety

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