Today's great story: the Golden Ball that the mafia stole from Diego Armando Maradona

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The Golden Ball is the subject of the moment, Lionel Messi won his sixth recognition and makes it the absolute King of Football.

Recognition It was delivered only to European players until 1995 That is why neither Pelé, neither Diego Armando Maradona They were awarded this lavish prize. What Maradona did receive was the Golden Ball for the best player in Mexico 86, in which he wrote pure history.

Diego kept his recognition in a bank in Naples where I was supposed to be totally sure, but it wasn't like that, the bank was assaulted by the Neapolitan mafia in 1989 and the Golden Ball, along with other things about Diego, subtracted from the vault.

The whereabouts of the '10' belongings were never heard until 2011 when Salvatore Lo Russo, one of the godfathers of the Italian Camorra confessed in a police interrogation that the ball had been cast to turn it into gold bullion.

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