Intimacy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Intimacy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We live in a time when we can’t even feel safe in our own homes. We are afraid of the people who are closest to us.

Our generation is stuck in social media, or more specifically, the Cyber World, in which we talk to a lot of random people from all over the world, and even the smallest things we say can affect other people.

We do things without knowing whether or not they are cyber crimes. Many men and women have become victims of cyber-spider because they got caught in the internet of cyberspace.

The Netflix show “Intimacy” has shown very clearly how hard it is for two women who are victims of cybercrime.

Since just more than 10 days ago, you’ve been able to stream the show on Netflix. At the end of the previous week, the show had been watched for 15,900,000 hours, which put it at No. 4 on the Netflix Top list.

Netflix usually decides whether or not to keep a show going just at end of 28 days, after looking at how many hours people watched it.

This is among the most important things about whether or not to keep the show going. Humans are still waiting a few weeks until we get this information. Also, because the show is so popular, it may get a new season soon.

On the reverse hand, the show might not be brought back because it has essentially reached its end.

It’s not a limited series, but Spanish media had also pointed out that “neither the main characters nor the production companies have talked about a second possible round of episodes.” But we’ll have to wait to see if the show gets more episodes.

Intimacy is a Spanish drama TV show made by Txintxua Films for Netflix. It was formed by Verónica Fernández and Laura Sarmiento. It stars Itziar Ituño, Patricia López Arnaiz, Emma Suárez, Verónica Echegui, Ana Wagener and Yune Nogueiras. It first aired on June 10, 2022.

Intimacy Season 2 Release Date

Netflix Originals made the Intimacy TV series, which is a drama. The show came out on Netflix on June 10, 2022. The first season has eight episodes. Itziar Ituo played the lead role of Malen in the TV series.

Intimacy Season 2 Cast

  • Itziar Ituño as Malen Zubiri
  • Patricia López Arnaiz as Begoña Uribe
  • Emma Suárez as Miren
  • Verónica Echegui as Ane Uribe
  • Ana Wagener as Alicia Vásquez
  • Yune Nogueiras as Leire
  • Marc Martínez as Alfredo
  • Jaime Zatarain as Kepa
  • Eduardo Lloveras as César Barrecheguren
  • Francesco Carril as Hugo
  • Fernando Albizu as Txema Lezkano
  • Iñigo Aranburu as Gorka
  • Iraia Elias as Itxaso
  • Miguel Garcés as Bizen
  • Miren Gaztañaga as Amaia
  • Jon Guridi as Julen
  • Rebeca Mantellán as Maria
  • Arnatz Puertas as Xabi
  • Hegoi Zubizarreta as Ibai
  • César Sarachu as Juan Mari
  • Ione Irazabal as Luz
  • Elisabeth Larena as Idoia
  • Amancay Gaztañaga as Oihane
  • Mikel Tello as Andoni Segurola
  • Miren Tirapu as Maider
  • Kandido Uranga as Peio
  • Anartz Zuazua as Manu
  • Luisa Gavasa as Maite
  • Mikel Losada as Jon
  • Aitor Merino as Jokin
  • Gabriel Ocina as Olarriaga
  • Juan Viadas as Paco
  • Leire Ucha as Irati
  • Sandra Ferrús as Nagore
  • Antton Bastero as Etxeburu
  • Iñaki Breetexas Larrea
  • Ainara Ortega as Lorea
  • Iban Garate as himself (ETB 1 anchor)
  • Ilaski Serrano as herself (ETB 1 anchor)

Intimacy Season 2 Trailer

Intimacy Season 2 Plot

The sequence is more important to people today, whose lives are more chaotic. The series throws some light on how cybersecurity can mess up a person’s life, as well as how social networking invades the confidentiality of people. If you get caught on the Internet once, you will be stuck there for life.

The story revolves around a young politician named Malen, who is running for Mayor when her sex video gets out. In a similar way to Malen’s story, Ane, a white-collar worker, kills herself after her naked pictures and videos get passed around.

The series begins with Malen, all set to serve as the forthcoming mayor of Bilbao. And yet her lie flips over once Helen’s sex tape gets reported, which pushes her to pull back from her position.

In the meantime, Ane, a white-collar worker, kills herself after her sex tape is shared with her coworkers and the public. Ane’s sister goes looking for the truth about her death.

This signals the start of a fight between two women against the entire cyberworld. Two women who’ve already lost everything are going to fight back against the individuals who have hurt them.

Alicia, a heartfelt cop, tends to help the ladies with their cases. Bego and Alicia start to look into Ane’s coworkers and her ex-boyfriends. In the meantime, Melen decides to find out who leaked her video.

When Melen starts to get new threats, the story takes a strange turn. This forces her to make an important career choice that leaves us speechless.

Although the television show ended in a mostly satisfying way, Spoiler Bolavip said that the first season left a small opening that season 2 could build on.

“In a final scene, it seems like Malen isn’t happy with how his case turned out, so Netflix could pick up the story there for a season 2 with more individual plotlines from different women,” a Spanish site said.

There are many ways the show’s creators could come up with another exciting plot again for the second season.

After Season 1, Bego begins to confront the events that occurred to Ane, whilst also Alicia heads back with Helen’s partner and they are super happy and together.

Malen and Alfredo still get back around each other, and after Leire was abused, they even helped her go to therapy.

In the end, Malen decides to run for office, but she still hasn’t gotten over what happened to her. When Helen looks at her campaign poster, she starts to feel like all her old wounds are returning to her, which is hard for her to ignore.

Throughout Intimacy Season 2, humans might see more effects of the tape that got out, which is still affecting Malen’s life. There’s also a chance it will be about Leire’s life and how treatment helps her get over her past.

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