To Be A Real Heroine Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

To Be A Real Heroine Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Why not spend more time with someone you like? Everyone has a dream like this, and you should watch To Become A Real Heroine, which is one of the best anime to observe in the spring of 2022.

It’s an original anime series based on the music of the anime idol duo LIPxLIP. It’s about a girl named Hiyori Suzumi, who leaves her hometown to follow her dreams.

She needs to find part-time employment to earn money so she can stay alive outside. On this trip, she is becoming the executive assistant for the famous duo LIPxLIP.

This anime from studio Lay-duce takes place in high school, and it’s all about how hard it is to work part-time with classmates.

It’s different from other anime based on Manga because it’s not based on or adjusted from any of them. This makes it interesting and makes us want to see what happens next.

If you’ve ever wished you could be more like a celebrity you like, To Become an Authentic Heroine! You might want to watch The Unpopular Girl as well as the Secret Task during the spring anime season of 2022. Read on to learn more about the show and the simulated idol group that is in it.

To Be A Real Heroine Release Date

This story about a romance in high school is fun to watch. To be a hero! The talk about the widely disliked girl and her secrets came out on April 7 in Japan.

The first episode came out on that day, and the rest came out after that. But fans in other countries had to hold back a bit more on their excitement because it didn’t come out everywhere at once.

To Be A Real Heroine Cast

From a casting point of view, to be a real heroine! As animes get more interesting, there is a long list of the widely disliked girl as well as the secret task. Anime is even better because it has such great characters and stories.

Since it’s an anime, the cast members have lent their voices. In Hiyori, the main character is played by the voice of Inori Minase. But the rest of the cast hasn’t been talked about much because the people who made the movie want to maintain the excitement down.

But Koki Uchiyama, who voices the same character as Yjir Someya in this anime, is also a member of the cast. Other than that, Nobunaga Shimazaki has been Aiz Shibasaki’s voice actor. These are some other people:

  • Juri Hattori
  • Chizuru Nakamura
  • Nagisa Shiranami
  • Hina Setoguchi
  • Kotarō Enomoto
  • Arisa Takamizawa
  • Ken Shibasaki
  • Kōdai Yamamoto
  • Sena Narumi

You might also be surprised to learn that some of Japan’s most famous actors and actresses lend their voices to To Be Heroine, making it a complete must-watch.

The production staff is made up of

  • Noriko Hashimoto – I-Chu storyboarder and episode director as a director
  • Yoshimi Narita (I-Chu) as series composer and scriptwriter
  • Kaori Ishii (O Maidens in Your Savage Season) as character designer and chief animation director
  • Obokata Ryousuke (I-Chu) as art director
  • Tomoko Yamazaki (I-Chu assistant color designer) as a color designer
  • Yomogiko Murano (I-Chu) as photography director
  • Moe Hyuga (If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die) as music composer
  • Lay-duce is an animation production company.

To Be A Real Heroine Trailer

To Be A Real Heroine Plot

The first season had 11 episodes, and they did keep us interested. This high school manga is about Hiyori Suzumi, a girl who lives near the edge of her hometown and goes to school with her.

She does have big dreams for her life, just like we all do, and she is eager to go after them. She seems to want to be well-known and works hard to get there. Aside from that, she loves running. All of these things are easy for other young girls to understand.

She lives in the country, so she has to move to a big city to give her dreams a chance to fly and make it big in life. She signs up for high college in the big city, and she chooses a well-known school.

She also wants to join the track team because running is one of her favorite things to do. Another reason she joined the track team was to make friends and get noticed by her new classmates.

Then, because she needs money to live in the big city, she starts looking for a part-time job to help her with everything.

She receives a part-time position as a trainee manager because she is lucky and works hard. It’s for the LIPLIP high school idol group. They are a popular boy band with members like Yuujirou Someya but also Aizou Shibasaki.

Surprisingly, they are the girl’s classmates. As she tries to work, study, and follow her dreams at the same time, things start to get hard for her.

During the course, she faces many situations in which she needs to be brave and strong to make her goals a reality.

To Become a Heroine! The Unpopular Girl as well as the Secret Task would be an original anime predicated on music by virtual idol anime duo LIPxLIP.

The show will be about a girl named Hiyori Suzumi who leaves her hometown to keep going after her dream job. But she needs a component job to do that. Her quest takes her to LIPxLIP, where she works as an assistant manager.

It turns out that Yuujirou Someya as well as Aizou Shibasaki, both of whom are her classmates, are in the group. Studio Lay-school duce’s anime will show how hard it is for her to balance her life, school, and a component job working with her idol classmates!

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