Three Little Birds Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to historical plays, Three Little Birds packs quite a punch. The episode starts by throwing Leah, Hosanna, and Chantrelle a lot of problems as they embark on their travels as three young black women trying to start over in England after Windrush.

Despite everything, even in the worst of circumstances, there remained space for optimism and pleasure. The season finale threw another wrench into the gears, causing Leah more hardship, precisely when better times seemed like they were almost here. So, how does that turn of events culminate? The solution to that question can only be found in season two, but will viewers receive one?

The second season of Three Little Birds is detailed here.

Three Little Birds Season 2 Renewal Status

Although it has not been officially announced, it seems that the viewers and creators of Three Little Birds are eager for additional episodes. In response to a question about what viewers should take away from Three Little Birds, Henry shouted out, “Season 2!” at a recent Q&A. No one disagreed among the three mainstays.

It is not unexpected that we have not received assurance on the show’s future from ITV yet, given that the series has just recently been produced and has not yet shown all of its episodes on ITV1. We are hoping to get a response as soon as possible. Any news on a possible third season of Three Little Birds will be posted here as soon as we know anything.

Three Little Birds Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date of Little Birds Season 2 is yet to be announced. Viewers might anticipate Little Birds’ return in late 2024 or early 2025 if the next season is scheduled in the coming months.

Three Little Birds Story

Leah (Rochelle Neil) and Chantrelle (Saffron Coomber), sisters from Jamaica, are enticed to the UK in 1957, after Windrush, in pursuit of a fresh start. Following their elder brother Aston’s (Javone Prince) lead, who has already left, they return home to find him a bride.

The sisters persuade their good friend Hosanna (Yazmin Belo) to come along for the ride, but they quickly learn that their new life doesn’t live up to their wildest dreams of rock & roll, swing, Hollywood A-listers, and outrageous fashion.

The British weather isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. We watch as they face the challenges of integration head-on and gradually uncover the horrifying realities of the life they fled as they construct a new home for themselves in Britain.

Three Little Birds Season 2 Cast

The core three of Leah, Chantrelle, and Hosanna—Rochelle Neil, Saffron Coomber, and Yazmin Belo—would most likely return for a second season of Three Little Birds. Aston, played by Javone Prince, and Shelton Powell, played by Bobby Gordon, are both set to return.

The main characters from Season 1 of Three Little Birds will likely be back for Season 2 with the following lineup:

  • Rochelle Neil as Leah Whittaker
  • Saffron Coomber as Chantrelle Brahms
  • Yazmin Belo as Hosanna Drake
  • Javone Prince as Aston Brahms
  • Bobby Gordon as Shelton Powell
  • Michelle Fox as Siobhan
  • Tierney Turner as Saleh Whittaker
  • Malachi Hall as Caleb Whittaker
  • Shay Descartes as Gideon Whittaker

Three Little Birds Season 2 Plot

Saleh and Caleb, her two youngest sons, returned for the season finale, but Gideon opted to remain in Jamaica. The arrival of Ephraim, Leah’s husband, was something the now-expectant woman had not anticipated. There was a lot of anxiety throughout their reunion. That multiplied by a factor of 10 the moment Ephraim, who was prepared to “surprise” Leah at the airport, saw her growing baby bulge and her new lover.

Leah had already become used to making Ephraim’s life a living misery when she ran away, took their children away from him, and started seeing someone else. Her ‘betrayal’ may now motivate him to do something evil, but what is her motivation? Despite his heroic performance this season, Shelton cannot be expected to play a supporting role in the impending mayhem, particularly now that she is pregnant with his kid.

Even though Leah may have an ally in season two, we still think she’ll find the courage to leave Ephraim again. Who knows? Maybe she’s stronger than she imagined. The way the Wantages treated Chantrelle soon diminished her lofty aspirations upon her arrival in England. Her newfound relationship with Jimmy (Micahel Crump) helped revive her spirit, although it wasn’t entirely successful by the season’s finale.

In season two, she will probably go on a path to recovery. Another possibility is that her friendship with Sibohan develops into a romantic relationship. (The chemistry between them must have been obvious to everyone, didn’t it?)

Three Little Birds Season 2 Trailer

We will keep you posted here as soon as we get any new footage from the second season of Three Little Birds, but for now, there is no trailer available. While you wait, you may revisit the season 1 trailer at this link:

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