How old is Near? The age of the Death Note winner

The initial part of Death Note focused on the clash between Light Yagami and Detective L. With psychology, mental attacks, tactics and weapons, the two gave life to an exchange that remained in the history of manga. In the second half though Light Yagami found new people standing in the way between him and the creation of the ideal world.

One of these is Near, an albino boy who for a long time was an admirer of L. Growing up in the same orphanage as the detective, together with Mello he will become one of the main characters of the new action against Kira. How old is Near in the course of Death Note? Let’s see all the steps to reconstruct the various ages.

During the first fight between Light and L, so before the timeskip, Near is 13 years old. Years passed, becomes the main antagonist at 17-18 years, while we review him at the end of the work at 18-19 years. In the oneshot following the series, Near is 21 years old while in the self-contained chapter “Never Complete” he is 27.

In the recent Death Note oneshot, set between 2013 and 2019, he is respectively 22 and 28 years old. Near is also present in collateral products, such as the light novel L: Change the World where he was 8 years old and Death Note: New Generation, a live action miniseries where the albino detective is 19 years old. All the oneshots were encapsulated in the Death Note Short Stories volume in Japan.

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