This Grid Studio frame immortalizes an iPhone 3GS in all its splendor to hang in your office or living room

In 2009 I released my first iPhone. It was an iPhone 3G that I got through my operator a week after the presentation of the iPhone 3GS, something I was unaware of at the time. This model has always held a special place in my memory, as it was the return to the orbit of the block.

Now, a company called Grid Studio you have decided to recover an iPhone dismembered and place it in a frame as if it were a work of art. And he succeeds, creating a piece of decoration full of nostalgia and also beauty.

A work of art in your living room with an exploded iPhone

In Grid Studio they have created these frames with various iPhone models. The unit analyzed is an iPhone 3GS, one of the most recognized models in the history of the iPhone. For many, it was their first Apple terminal.

Grid Iphone 3gs 015

The company ships its well-protected frames in a packing box. Inside we will find the box that wraps the frame with the iPhone, armored with bubble wrap and corner protections. Finally, the frame has a thin film made of transparent plastic that frees the glass from possible scratches (in our case, we preferred not to remove it and it can be seen in the photographs).

Grid Iphone 3gs 009

Beauty, that’s the word that comes to mind when we see the result of Grid Studio’s efforts. He has not limited himself to channeling an iPhone and overturn its parts on a white background.

Grid Iphone 3gs 003

An original iPhone 3G versus the Grid Studio framework of the iPhone 3GS, with which it is very familiar.

The dissection follows a specific order, seeking to create a consolidated whole. The back cover is positioned at the bottom left, while the screen is at the top right. Above this we have the name and a brief description of the iPhone model.

Grid Iphone 3gs 005

In between, up to 14 perfectly organized components unfold. Each one linking to its corresponding position on the phone’s chassis or motherboard and a label that allows them to be identified.

A decorative piece to bring beauty to your home or office

Grid Iphone 3gs 002

Let’s get straight: the Grid Studio framework spring. Those of us who have ever opened an Apple device and seen its internal distribution we can’t deny the beauty that hides behind the chassis and the casing.

Grid Iphone 3gs 016

An effort by Apple engineers that always goes unnoticed. Unless one has dismantled a team to make a battery change, increase RAM or change to an SSD disk. On devices that could easily be done, of course.

This is the perfect gift for an Apple enthusiast, because it combines just enough nostalgia with the beauty of consumer electronics.

One of these frames can decorate a living room, office or office with great success. And constitutes a perfect gift for an apple enthusiast. A pair of them, made up of two of the many framed Apple devices, is an excellent combination. Although its price can rise quickly.

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This piece of decoration and collectibles costs 169 dollars, about 140 euros to change. The quality of the materials, the design and packaging so that its transport is perfect are well worth it.

More information | Grid Studio website.

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