Street Fighter legend Yoshinori Ono becomes president of another video game studio

Legendary producer of Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono, has joined another video game studio as president and director of operations.

Ono left Capcom in the summer of 2020 after almost 30 years of work in the company and now he has been named president and chief operating officer of Delightworks. Delightworks to Publish Next Fighting Game Melty Blood: Type Lumina, but perhaps best known for the studio’s Fate / Grand Order mobile tactical RPG. Fate / Grand Order revealed that it had managed to accumulate 32 million players in February 2020.

Ono announced and Twitter what would join the company on May 1 and added that it could be absent from the fighting game community for some time. “There may be some distance between me and the FGC community for a while”, wrote. “I may be away from the FGC for a while, but I am looking forward to spending time with you again when I get the chance.”.

No specific plans have been announced, but Delightworks (via Google Translate) says Ono has been hired to “Run the business from a more multifaceted perspective.”. With Delightworks currently best known for mobile gaming, the company may want to expand to other types of formats with Ono at the helm.

It started at Capcom in 1998 and worked as a sound manager on Street Fighter Alpha 3. He most recently served as an executive producer on Street Fighter V and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challenges. Beyond the Street Fighter series, Ono He has also worked on Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis 2, and Dead Rising.. From then on, he became the most beloved personality in the Street Fighter series, as well as in the fighting game communities in general. Forever, for his exuberant personality, his communicative approach and his tendency to carry a Blanka action figure wherever he went.

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