There Will Be A Delay In The Release Of Battlefield 2042

There Will Be A Delay In The Release Of Battlefield 2042

DICE, the studio behind Battlefield 2042, has promised to keep updating and improving the military shooter, stating in a blog post that the firm is dedicated to raising the game to the “highest standards.”

To that end, DICE has announced its intentions for the game’s future, which include delaying Season 1’s release until later this year.

Dice wrote in the blog that they had heard the complaints. As a result, they’re significantly invested and committed to the future of Battlefield 2042.

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They’re working on addressing feedback and implementing extensive updates to the game, critical features that are vital to the audience, and putting team play where it needs to be on several fronts.

The majority of EA’s most recent quarterly earnings report was positive. According to CFO Blake Jorgensen, the fiscal quarter ending December 31st, 2021, was “the greatest quarter in the company’s history for net bookings, underlying profitability, and cash generation.”

Apex Legends and FIFA continue to be popular games. However, there was one glaring flaw: Battlefield 2042. During the results call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated, “The launch of Battlefield 2042 did not meet expectations.”

A better feedback loop was also promised by the studio. The BF2042 team will explain important areas for anticipated improvement, including its current strategy, in a public forum.

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Staff will listen to community feedback on those topics and include it in the relevant updates. There will be discussions about minor tweaks as well.

This open-book approach isn’t new for game developers, but it is an admission that the most recent Battlefield didn’t live up to expectations.

With a new feedback mechanism and improved communication, developer DICE is attempting to ensure that they will listen more to fans in the future.

All of the following will hopefully be included in a free update in March, as mentioned in the most recent blog update, although there’s no promise of that at any moment.

The ‘Steadfast exclusive legendary bundle,’ which is also planned to be part of the March update and includes a unique, specialized skin, melee weapons, weapon and vehicle skins, and a player card, has been acknowledged by EA.

Those who purchased the Gold and Ultimate Editions, which are more expensive because they include a Year 1 pass, have been incredibly frustrated by the continual delays.

The next version will add a redesigned in-round scoreboard that divides the players’ and opponents’ teams into two tables. In a later release, we’ll include kill-to-death scoring and end-of-round reports.

According to the post, voice communication is “only the beginning of the changes we’re delivering to better team play and communication.” Player profiles will also be added, which will summarise a player’s career data and show progress toward future unlocks.

Final Words

We are hoping that DICE will bring back Battlefield 2042 with further improvements. Given the critical reviews, developers must be aware that the game will not remain to be an asset. Moreover, the delay might also be a big problem. So, what are your thoughts on Battlefield 2042?

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