The Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date

The Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date

Who doesn’t like Zombies? There are many films available in the zombie genre. But only a few web series like The Walking Dead are available in the Zombie genre. The walking dead web series was initially started in the year 2010.

The Walking Dead Season 11

Because of the tremendous reception, it got continuous seasons are produced each year and current season 11 is going on.

All the seasons received positive reviews and still the hype for The walking dead continuous with the start of each season.

Release Date of Walking dead season 11:

The walking dead season 11 was planned to be aired in October of 2019, but it got delayed and it was postponed to March 2020. But due to the emerge of the global pandemic the production of the show got halted and the filming stopped.

But the Covid didn’t stop there. Still the pandemic is going on. So instead of starting a new season, they planned to add new 6 episodes to the old season. That is season 10. The new season 11 was now planned to be released in the year 2022. The filming has already begun in Feb 2021.

Also, the company had announced that this season 11 will be the last of the Walking Dead web series. They are planning to wrap it up. But don’t worry the company had already planned for a spin-off series with the two characters the fans love the most in the series.

Story of The Walking Dead:

There are nearly 11 stories for walking dead. All of them are very carefully written to engage the audience to the fullest. Each and every story is written in a very detailed manner.

Season 1 starts with the deputy sheriff Rick Grimes who wakes up from sleep and finds that the world has run by Zombies. This series has a plot that contains Zombies. This is a zombie genre web series.

There are many web series like this but this Zombie series is something much different. Normally a Zombie film would tell you that if a healthy human is bitten by a zombie then he would into a zombie too.

But this film tells you that every human in the world carries a pathogen which when the host died will become a zombie.

This Walking dead story moves around a protagonist Rick Grimes, a former deputy sheriff who becomes the leader of the group.

He and his group try to overcome all the troubles that are caused by the walkers aka zombies and the other survivor groups who need the resources from Rick’s group to survive. 

The cast of The Walking Dead Season 11

The cast of the walking dead is really a long list. Andrew Lincoln played the role of Rick Grimes in the series. Lauren Cohan played the role of Maggie Greene in the series. Danai Gurira started playing the Michonne in season 3.

The salaries paid for the actors were considered one of the best in the web series industry. Initially, they were paid less but over the days they got a handsome amount of salaries.

The trailer and the release date are yet to be finalized. Once it is finalized we will update the details on this page.

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