Hunter x Hunter: Togashi does not rule out the possibility of entrusting the drawings to someone else

The serialization of Hunter x Hunter it is something that unfortunately will never go back to being regular, at least not with the current work plan of its author, Yoshihiro Togashi. The master, in fact, has always done everything by himself, from the writing of the story to the drawings, all without the help of any assistant.

In an old interview, dating back to 2017, Togashi revealed that he was aware of those opinions of fans who were pressing to move him away from the drawings and focus only on the story. Even if a Hunter x Hunter chapter has not been released for more than 800 days, it remains a very difficult decision for the master whether to continue working alone on the manga or whether to rely on someone else, at least as regards the drawings.

The Hunter x Hunter ending is still far away, yet Yoshihiro Togashi, thanks to an ad hoc contract with Shueisha, he still feels free to work as he sees fit: “They let me do what I want. The series I’m working on right now might be a huge problem from a different point of view than mine, but I’m really enjoying it. […] I think there are two types of readers: those who don’t care if I draw my stories or not, and those who want to read a manga written and illustrated directly by me. I still don’t know how to balance this problem to satisfy the majority of my readers. Generally, I think it’s okay to leave the illustrations to someone else.”

In 2016 the sensei had experimented with Hachi Mizuno, writing the script for AKUTEN WARS. And you, on the other hand, what kind of readers are you between the two? Let us know with a comment below.

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