Apple considered launching iMessage for Android but did not do so to prevent users from switching to Android

On the occasion of Epic’s lawsuit against Apple for the withdrawal of Fortnite from the App Store for violating the rules of the store, we have just confirmed what in a way it could already be intuited for years: that Apple doesn’t release iMessage for Android to keep users tied to its ecosystem.

Apple’s iMessage is an application of hypervitamin SMS messaging, similar to what Google is doing with RCS chat functions. Although it is possible to use iMessage with Android users, they receive normal SMS.

iMessage on Android: neither there nor expected

Since Apple announced iMessage in 2011, there have been many rumors about the possible release of a version for other platforms such as Android, which would allow users to communicate regardless of what operating system their mobile had. None of those rumors ended up materializing.

As early as 2016, Apple stressed that it had no intention of launching iMessage for any other platform in the short or medium term for two reasons: the exclusivity of the tool and the lack of need to expand its user base. Now, taking statements in Epic’s lawsuit confirms the point of view of some of Apple’s executives on the reasons why there is no iMessage for Android.

Apple could have launched iMessage for Android without a hitch, but it didn’t because it would do it more harm than good.

According to these statements, already in 2013 Apple decided not to create iMessage for Android, despite having the technical means to create a version for Android that was compatible with that of iOS. According to Craig Federighi, “iMessage for Android would have eliminated an obstacle for families with iPhone to give an Android mobile your kids. “Phil Schiller, in charge of the App Store, agrees that” Apple should not offer iMessage on Android devices. “

Finally, it is stated in said lawsuit that when a former Apple employee commented that “the most difficult reason to leave the Apple universe is iMessage,” Phil Schiller added that “moving iMessage to Android will harm us more than help us.” Being a messaging application that only works on Apple devices, in markets where it has gained traction, the only way to gain traction, the only way not to be left out is to buy an Apple device. And so it will continue to be.

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