The top mobile games based on movies 

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Most of us enjoy settling down on the sofa with a snack in hand and a few episodes of Peaky Blinders in the evening, but there is an increasing amount of the world’s population who utilise the easy access mobile gaming provides when they’re in need of some entertainment. After all, we all own a smartphone these days, opening up gaming opportunities to us in the process. 

Thankfully, for movie lovers, there are a number of movie-based mobile products that are winning over mobile gamers. Some of the greatest games ever have been based on movies, making this particular genre extremely popular on the whole. These games certainly add to mobile gaming’s dramatically improved package in recent times, with smartphone gamers able to jump between a movie-based title and a popular casino game, such as Mega Moolah, with ease. Games typically take seconds to load up, they’re easy to grasp, and they represent a genuinely fun and entertaining gaming opportunity. 

Thankfully, given the portability of smartphone devices, you can sample an array of games on the go. For movie lovers, some of Hollywood’s biggest characters can accompany you throughout the day. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top mobile games based on movies. 

Mortal Kombat

This particular option isn’t as good as its console counterpart, but it’s still worth devoting some time to on a smartphone device. After all, Mortal Kombat games are generally fun, serving up a strong dose of brutality as you aim to fight your way to the very top. In this particular Mortal Kombat release, players are tasked with having to assemble a formidable team of fighters and oversee their journey to success. You’ll be responsible for things like learning new special attacks as your fighters gain more fighting experience ahead of some testing match-ups. 

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

A free-to-play release based on the popular zombie-filled production, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land will put your survival skills to the test as you aim to fight off hordes of walkers. With every decision counting and puzzles to solve, this turn-based combat title is a challenge on occasion. Overall, though, given the large population of zombies that you’ll have to take on, it’s a truly epic game to dive into.

Marvel Contest Of Champions

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Marvel’s foray into the gaming arena hasn’t always gone smoothly but Marvel Contest Of Champions is certainly a success story. If you’re a fan of the likes of Thor and Iron Man, then this all-action fighting game is for you. Not only do you get the chance to fight as your favourites, but the game is constantly evolving and throwing up new characters and events to keep you on your toes. Marvel Contest Of Champions is far from perfect, but it does represent a fun product on the whole, particularly for Marvel lovers. 

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

The Star Wars franchise is humongous, making this latest move into the world of smartphone gaming somewhat predictable. While there can be the occasional lazy release in this particular category of gaming, Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes most definitely isn’t. A collectible card game offering turn-based combat, players have to assemble a deadly squad and ensure that they’re well equipped for a number of exciting game modes, such as squad arena and light side battles. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you have to give Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes a go. 

Other movie-based mobile games to try are Max Payne Mobile, Batman – The Telltale Series, Jurassic World: The Game, and Minion Rush: Despicable Me. 

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