Types of Beauty

Types of Beauty

It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but I’ve always believed there are certain things about ourselves that are objectively beautiful. Some think it’s your smile or your hair, others may find beauty in your eyes.

What I find to be true about all these points is that they’re truly subjective, based on one’s personal taste. However, I believe that there are some parts of the human body that are undeniably beautiful, even if you’re not particularly attracted to them.

I’m certain everyone has their own list for this but I’d like to share mine with you. You might find these surprising because they don’t necessarily fall into our usual idea of beauty. However, you will notice that they share two very important qualities: symmetry and proportion. The human body is a work of art when it’s in perfect proportion and closely resembles what we might consider ideal.

Eye of a storm, photo by Tony Hisgett:

1. The Eye:

One thing that makes humans special is our eyes, something that can’t be said about our closest relatives: chimpanzees and other apes. This sense organ is so complex that it makes us capable of a whole range of emotions and expressions.

To prove this point, there’s a video on YouTube that juxtaposes photos of eyes from different animals arranged in ascending order according to the complexity of the eye.

The human eye is also very special because it’s horizontally symmetrical, meaning it is mostly symmetrical from left to right. We have a slight exception in our noses, but they are barely visible to the naked eye. This symmetry makes us more attractive as well as interesting creatures since we don’t look completely identical on both sides of our faces.

The iris and retina of the eye:

2. The Iris and Retina:

The iris is the colored ring that surrounds our pupils and can be found in different colors; its function is to limit how much light enters the eye. People with blue eyes have a very thin ring of pigment while those with dark brown eyes have a wider one.

It’s also interesting to note that people with two different color eyes are often capable of seeing better in low light conditions. I have discovered that my own blue eyes adjust faster to changes in light, allowing me to see better when coming out from a dark room into the sunlight.

which types of beauty are you?

1. Delicate and Lovely:

You have a sweet, charming aura that makes you very attractive.  You are a gentle and lovely person who is kind to others. Your beauty lies in your innocence and purity of mind, word, and deed!

2. Mysterious but Charming:

You try to keep a distance from people because you feel like it’s not worth getting to know you. However, the people who do get to know you find that your mysterious aura makes you very charming!

3. You Look Gentle but Are Actually Persistent:

People may look at you and think that you are delicate and fragile…but they don’t realize how persistent and determined you can be until they get to know you!

4. Someone Others Want to Be Friends:

People always want to be around you because of your bubbly, outgoing personality! You are a fun person who is interested in others and loves helping them. Your beauty lies within the positive influence that you have on those around you.

5. An Angel from Heaven:

You have a sweet aura that draws people to you. Your beauty is from your heart — you are always willing to help those in need and bring joy to those around you.

6. Very Unique:

People may not know what it is, but they can feel how unique you are. You don’t try too hard with your appearance, which is probably one of the reasons why you are so charming.

7. Gentle, Loving, and Kind to Everyone:

You try your best to help people who are impoverished or in need. You always manage to give others hope because of your unconditional love and kindness! The beauty that radiates from within you makes you very attractive indeed!

8. You Have a Unique and Mysterious Aura:

You have a very mysterious, charming aura that draws people to you. You don’t try hard with your appearance and let your inner beauty shine bright! Your unique qualities make you very attractive!

9. Someone Who Is Earnest and Cute:

People love to be around you because of how earnest and adorable you are. You wear your heart on your sleeve and always smile to bring happiness to others. Your cute demeanor makes you very attractive!

10. Someone Who Is Unique but Has Strong Charisma:

Although you are unique, you also have a strong charisma that attracts people to you. People may not know what it is about you, but they feel an attraction. Your unique combination of qualities makes you very attractive!

11. Unique But Doesn’t Seem Ambiguous When it Comes to Personal Relationships:

You are a person who knows exactly what you want, but at the same time, people can feel that you are not ambiguous when it comes to your personal relationships. You attract others by being yourself!

12. You Are Very Beautiful on the Outside, But Even More Beautiful on the Inside!

You attract others with your appearance, but at the same time, they are also drawn to your inner beauty. Others want to get to know you better because of how attractive you are. Your exterior beauty is a reflection of your heart!

13. Someone Who is Polite and Friendly:

You are a very kind and polite person. You always try to be friendly with others, which makes you very attractive in general! Your warm heart allows others to be attracted to your outer beauty…and when they get to know you, they will be even more attracted because of your inner beauty.

14. Someone Who Exudes Kindness:

You are always willing to lend a helping hand or offer words of encouragement when needed. Your kindness makes you very attractive! The way that you care for others is one of the great beauties of your personality.

15. Unique in an Attractive Way:

You don’t try hard to be unique, but your uniqueness just makes you very attractive! You radiate beauty within and without, which attracts others who are simply smitten by your great looks!

16. Beautiful Face with a Mysterious Aura:

Your beautiful face is what initially attracts people to you…but once they get to know you, your mysterious aura draws them in even more! You attract others with a combination of your looks and the way that you carry yourself.

17. Someone Who is Politically Correct with Others:

You are very politically correct when it comes to being nice to someone else’s feelings. Your kindness makes you very attractive! People are drawn to your politeness, which is also what makes you quite beautiful.

18. Someone Who Has Charisma:

You have a charisma that draws people in. You attract others with this great combination of attractiveness – the main reason they are so drawn to you is probably because of how nice and friendly you are!

19. A Person Who Is Unique and Knows What They Want:

You know exactly what you want, and you don’t care if someone doesn’t like that about you. People love to be around you because of how unique and straightforward you are! Your direct personality is very attractive.

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