The Rookie Season 2: Eric Winter Teases With Crazy Series Finale And More!!

“The Rookie” season 2 is finally here as the showrunners did announce the next part’s premiere date on 10 May 2020. Know what Eric Winter has to say about the mindblowing season and the future of its amazing characters. Read the article to have a glance at all the details.

After watching the first part of the series “The Rookie”, viewers are more curious to know about the next part details. But in order to do that, you will not have to wait for the next part release. Because Eric Winter talks about how the life of the series characters is going to change in the upcoming season. In the season finale of the first part, Nolan knows about what Armstrong has been hiding. Armstrong was the other mole inside his own police department which was a huge shock to Nolan. Because Armstrong was a great friend and Nolan trusts him with his heart.

Eric Winter, “The Rookie” actor did reveal that the second season will be the most exciting and entertaining. The season will be a game-changing plan that will twist the entire storyline along with the characters. But more importantly, Eric teases the fac that season 2 will be on par with the fascinating ending of the previous season. He also did not forget to mention Bradford’s feelings for his love Rachel who prepares to leave everything and head for New York.

Well, the rookie year is surely coming to an end for all especially Chenford. As you know that Bradford is not Lucy’s training officer anymore, their personal relationship will progress for sure. Season 2 will be more interesting and exciting than ever with a number of twists and turns to surprise viewers. The season will have a jaw-dropping end that will make people go crazy about it. So “The Rookie” season 2 is not the thing you will like to miss at any cost.

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