Glance At How Peter and Jay Reacts To Lola’s Abortion!!

As fans know, Lola Pearce was with Jay Brown from EastEnders for some time and they were on a break technically. But during that technical break among them, Lola sleeps with Peter Beale. Now, Lola is amid tons of troubles as Beale is all set for the reunited beloved’s relationship. So fans are curious to know about questions as if this is the reason why Lola is having an abortion. Read more details in the article.

Lola With Peter:

On 11 May, Monday, Peter being driven through jealousy did allow the slip as he did sniff that something is going on. There is more than that can be seen between Jay and Lola. Even though they get caught while kissing at the parking lot, Peter was confident about something cozy going on between Jay and Lola. So Peter did mention that he was glad that Lola and Jay were finally back on track.

Well, Jay was not going to miss picking up the little gig but Lola was successful to convince him. She did convince Jay that all Peter was referring to was the fact that she is having an abortion. She did try to downplay the night to convince Peter. But Peter said, “I’m not planning on saying anything to him. But if he asks me…I told you I don’t like liars.”

Lola and Jay:

Jay was totally supportive of Lola while she was having an abortion at the clinic. But as Peter is always plotting something against Lola, he did throw a spanner that surely puts their relationship at peril.

Well, the upcoming episodes are going to be full of excitement and entertainment. We will find that Peter will walk on Jay and Lola while they are kissing passionately. But that will leave Jay to wonder about how Peter knew about it. But she covers it saying that she told Peter about the abortion which actually convinces Jay. Fans and viewers are going to enjoy the forwarding episodes of EastEnders.

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