Stuck With U : Pete Davidson Feels To Watch Ariana Grande Kissing Her New Boyfriend

Fans are curious to know about how Pete Davidson reacts after watching his ex-girlfriend’s video “Stuck With U”. It is a relief to inform you that Pete is very happy for her ex, Ariana Grande who is showing off her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez in the video. Read the whole story here.

Recently, there has been a video viral over the internet of Ariana Grande and her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez. The American singer can be seen romancing with Dalton in her latest video “Stuck With U”. But to the contrary, fans are happy to know that Pete Davidson is very happy that Ariana is doing well and if she is in love again than it is good for her. There are surely no hard feelings that can be seen on Pete’s side.

As per the reports, an insider close to Pete Davidson did reveal some interesting facts about the young comedian. He confirms that Pete is well aware of Ariana’s latest video but he does not have the time to watch it. Yes, Pete has not seen the video of Ariana romancing with her new boyfriend. It seems that Pete does not care about what Ari is doing in her life let aside kissing her new man.

The latest video song “Stuck With U” was surely the collaboration of the 26-year-old American singer, Ariana with Bieber. In the video, you can see Ari dancing with a real-estate agent from South California Dalton Gomez. At last, they both give a quick kiss to each other as the video moves to its end,

Currently, Pete Davidson, now 26, is focusing on his health and career goals. He did manage to get his mind on his new upcoming movie “The King Of Staten Island”. While Ariana too is busy in her new love life along with her singing career. Fans are hoping that Ariana and Pete will be able to find their life goals. But still, followers think that the ex-couple “Ariana” and “Pete” were perfect for one another. Would you like to see them together once again?

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