‘The Rock’, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and more

We resume in Espinof our review of the best cinema that can be seen on Spanish free-to-air television after a week of vacation break of the writer. This time they are nine the chosen films that will be able to be seen free open on a national channel this weekend from April 23 to 25.

I remind you that it is about a personal selection. What does that mean? That I choose them according to my personal criteria, leaving out those titles that I have not seen, I have too forgotten or have appeared in a similar article during the last three months, a figure that I plan to expand to six soon …

Friday April 23

‘Saving Private Ryan’

Private Ryan

One of the most iconic war movies of all time. I admit that it is a bit difficult for me to empathize with her at the plot level, but leaving that aside, Spielberg excels in the staging, especially in her sensational start.

22:00 and DMAX

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‘Everything about my mother’

All mother

One of the peaks of Pedro Almodóvar’s cinema, an intense and fascinating melodrama that revealed Antonia San Juan to us. Of course, the protagonism falls on a prodigious Cecilia Roth reflecting all the pain that her Manuela suffers.

22:00 at La 2

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‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

Goblet Fire

A more helpful adaptation than the previous installment but that also works as a full stop in the franchise thanks to how this magic tournament is developed that serves to bring together several schools of magic at Hogwarts, serving for the darkness to enter definitively in this universe.

22:30 and FDF

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Saturday April 24

‘Con Air (Convicts in the air)’

Con Air

A unique action film, starting with the great cast that it has led by a charismatic Nicolas Cage, continuing with a playful tone that knows how to balance the feeling of threat with a very grateful sense of humor, and continuing with a great use of scenes from action.

22:00 in Paramount

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‘Shoot’ Em Up ‘

Shoot Em Up

One of my favorite action comedies, since you can see the care with which the most forceful scenes are executed, but it is also all subject to that tone almost more typical of a cartoon series. It is a crime that its director has not re-shot a movie and also that Clive Owen did not become a new icon of the genre.

0:15 on Neox

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‘Captain Fantastic’


Matt Ross’s film has a certain pedagogical vocation that can be indigestible to some viewers, but the way of portraying that peculiar family with Viggo Mortensen as patriarch has an unquestionable charm, and it also tries to propose a series of stimulating reflections like everything that surrounds it. to the use of the word interesting.

0:15 on Antena 3

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Sunday April 25

‘The rock’

Probably my favorite action movie from the 90s. It shows Michael Bay’s style before he got out of control when it came to scripts, it features an unforgettable pair of heroes with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery, who face off against a good villain with the face of Ed Harris. One of those proposals so entertaining that you continue to enjoy it very much no matter how many times you have already seen it.

22:00 in Paramount

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‘American Gangster’

American Gangster

An intense crime thriller that does not have as much good press as other works by Ridley Scott, although here his contribution is essential to further elevate an already remarkable proposal. Also keep an eye on the great work of its cast led by Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington.

23:25 at 1

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‘Apocalypse Now’


Curious that the same weekend we have the opportunity to see two peaks of war cinema openly. Here Coppola deeply immersed himself in the Vietnam War to shape a titanic and demanding work that shows the madness and unreason both of war and of the human being himself. Full of mythical scenes, she knows how to grow until everything explodes with the appearance of Marlon Brando.

0:40 in Thirteen

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