A Low-Carb Meal Plan and Menu to Improve Your Health?

A Low-Carb Meal Plan and Menu to Improve Your Health?

Cutting down the number of carbs in your diet is a surefire way to lose weight and feel better. And if you’re following an Atkins-style low-carb diet, it’s essential for success.

But there are different types of low carbs diets (LCDs), and they can support other health goals. Are you aiming for weight loss? Have you improved your heart health? Better athletic performance? Or all three?

A standard LCD that restricts total carbohydrate intake to around 20 grams per day works well for rapid weight loss by causing ketosis — when your body switches from burning carbohydrates as its primary fuel source to burning fat instead. The problem with it — or at least one of them — is that eating just 20 grams of net carbs a day is a bit of a drag. There are only so many plain leafy greens you can eat, after all.

Low carb meal plan free:

Everyone knows that losing weight with the help of low-carb recipes is easier. This way is better than most diets people used to have before. Losing weight through this diet reduces developing type 2 diabetes, heart issues, and even cancer! There are always some myths about it, but you can find out here if they are true or not.

Here’s why it is recommended for everyone who wishes to lose weight:

1) No more carb cravings :

when you decide to eat fewer carbohydrates, your body starts using another source of energy called ketones. It doesn’t give in to those carb cravings because they are unnecessary anymore. You won’t be hungry for sugary foods any longer!

2) You’ll burn your body fat quickly :

since you start eating fewer carbohydrates, you gradually reduce glucose supplies too. Your liver starts producing ketones (energy sources), which leads to burning stored fat quickly.

The best thing about this is that even if your weight loss process stops, you can still benefit from a low-carb diet; the ketones will help you get rid of dangerous visceral fats connected with heart conditions and diabetes.

3) It’s healthy for your heart :

when it comes to losing weight, many people think that cardio is just a waste of time. This is not true at all! Cardio makes your cardiovascular system work better by increasing your heart rate. This, in turn, makes you burn more calories even while resting! Losing weight is the primary goal for most of us, so imagine how many benefits cardio can provide if we do it regularly?

4) It’s a great idea to get your family involved :

this diet plan changes your relationship with food, and that’s a great thing! When you’re trying to lose weight by counting calories or avoiding carbohydrates altogether, you’ll get tired fast.

You have to be obsessed with one particular aspect of your diet instead of enjoying it from time to time. However,  everyone at home starts cooking low-more RB recipes too, and the process becomes more accessible and enjoyable. If you want something delicious but healthy at the same time, you can always try out low-carb desserts.

5) There are lots of tasty recipes for everyone! 

This diet is not about starvation or feeling hungry all the time; it’s perfectly combined with delicious low-carb meals that will make your taste buds feel good too. You don’t need to eat tofu and broccoli all day like some people who want to lose weight fast think (and nobody wants to do that).

Instead, you can enjoy these five great recipes that are perfect for breakfast too:

#1 Baked eggs with avocado sauce

Ingredients: one avocado, two eggs, 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk, salt, and pepper. Instructions: slice the avocado in half and remove its seed. Fill each half with coconut milk and place the coconut milk slices in a baking dish. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of your avocado. Add two eggs to each half Bake at 450 F for about 15 minutes

#2 Creamy spinach with eggs

Ingredients: three cups of baby spinach, four eggs, 1/3 cup of cream cheese, one teaspoon of garlic powder. Instructions: cook garlic with butter or oil for about 1-2 minutes. Add baby spinach until it wilts down. Cover the pan with a lid and let it sit for five more minutes. Stir in cream cheese. Serve warm

#3 Zucchini fritters Ingredients:

One zucchini, two tablespoons that contain flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemp hearts, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, one tablespoon of cream cheese, and an egg. Instructions: mix all ingredients in a bowl Heat up your pan with some oil or butter, Cook cakes on both sides until they get a nice golden color. Enjoy yummy zucchini fritters as the side dish for lunch or dinner

#4 Bacon and eggs Ingredients:

three slices of bacon, four eggs, salt, and pepper. Instructions: chop raw bacon into pieces. Fry crispy bacon bits in a frying pan. Add eggs to the pan when there’s only about one teaspoon left from fat. Cook 4-5 minutes more Serve hot with a side salad.

#5 Mozzarella sticks Ingredients:

1/2 cup of almond flour, two teaspoons of garlic powder, salt, and pepper, one mozzarella cheese stick, and some egg whites. Instructions: cut the mozzarella cheese into 15 equal pieces. Prepare two bowls, one with almond flour and another with whisked egg whites. Heat your frying pan with oil or butter. Dip each cheese part in the first bowl (with almond flour) and then in the second bowl (whisked egg white). Fry until they become golden brown. Enjoy these low-carb mozzarella sticks as a treat for lunch or dinner.

How to start?

1) Track what you eat – if you want this diet plan to be effective, food tracking is necessary. An excellent way to do it is by downloading an app that allows you to scan barcodes and log your meals.

Here’s a good example: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal App.

2) Eat more fat – don’t be afraid to eat fat! It usually gets a bad rap, but your body needs it for optimal functioning and energy levels. Fat doesn’t make you fat or sick, so the ketogenic diet is the way to go if you want to start losing weight quickly, especially when combined with intermittent fasting.

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