The Promised Neverland fans call for anime to be canceled

The Promised Neverland went from being one of the most promising newcomers in the genre manga, to be considered one of the worst adaptations of anime from Tokyo Ghoul (and that’s really saying something).

The season 2 has taken a huge detour around the events of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s original manga series, omitting one of the series’ most important and key stories. While the manga’s story-changing anime series isn’t new, The Promised Neverland has basically advocated its own cancellation.

The Promised Neverland anime basically chose to cut the entire middle section of the manga series, in favor of a quick and convenient main character reunion. In the manga, Emma and Ray’s liberation from their fellow Grace Field House “brothers and sisters” takes a much longer road.

The Promised Neverland – Season 2 Promotional

The moments are very different before the kids are rewarded with the big reveal that Norman is still alive. The most notable omission is the “Goldy Pond” story arc, in which Emma and some other children are captured and taken to a secret illegal hunting ground for elite demons.

The goldy pond arch The Promised Neverland is one of the most beloved. First, it’s one of the series’ biggest mythological expansion arcs, setting a fantastic example of depth for expository myths about demons and how they evolve (or evolve), and why the creatures could be deeply intriguing antagonists.

Lewis is arguably the best villain in the entire series, and anime that doesn’t make use of that just robs fans of the best The Promised Neverland has to offer in terms of storyline. Goldy Pond Arc also had the unique distinction of being the largest arch in Promised Neverland where Emma shone solo.

Emma is separated from the group when she is captured by the demon poachers of Goldy Pond, and it takes a long time before Ray finally tracks her down. Fans appreciated that focus on Emma, ​​but she’s not the only character who just got cut short by the anime.

Characters disappeared in the anime

How different is anime from manga?

Goldy Pond had a wide variety of new characters that stuck with fans. Said Lewis was a prominent villain, but the other great “Poacher”, BayonIt was also a great highlight.

Then there was the Gold Pond Resistance, a group of children who came from other farms and had hidden in the hunting ground for years, trying to end Lewis and Bayon’s twisted ritual. The GPR had significant ties to Yugo, another fan-favorite character from the freshly cut The Promised Neverland anime, from its truncated Shelter Arc.

At this time, it is still unclear if the anime The Promised Neverland is going to find any way to work with these. missing characters, but it seems that the program has made them obsolete.

Ray and Emma have now made contact with Norman’s Enhanced Boys group from Lambda Farm, who appear to be the only coalition needed to establish a final battle with the Demon Queen Legravalima, avoiding demonic aristocrats like Lewis and Bayon.

The world building and character evolution that sustained the series beyond the mystery and initial revelations have been removed. The conflict between Emma, ​​Ray and Norman is now much thinner, and the clashing factions in the Demon world they are much less complex and interesting.

Do you think The Promised Neverland anime should be canceled? The Truth News reminds you that you can watch the TV show on the official Crunchyroll site and read the manga (already finished) on MANGA Plus by Shueisha.

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