The Old Guard 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Since we still don’t have a release date for The Old Guard 2, we’re starting to worry that it won’t make it to Netflix in 2023 after all. Fans of The Old Guard are anticipating the publication of the sequel with bated breath, wondering what adventures await the eternal warriors they have come to adore.

Andromache of Scythia, played by Charlize Theron, will return to lead her squad of immortals on another epic expedition, as has previously been confirmed. But the issue that must be answered is, “What difficulties will they encounter this time?” Will they come across new foes or form new partnerships that challenge all they believe in?

The Old Guard 2

Let’s delve into everything we know about The Old Guard 2, including the returning characters and the likely narrative that will serve as the background to this thrilling sequel as we patiently wait for additional information. The stakes are great and the battle for life never stops in the realm of immortals, and you are about to be sent there.

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The Old Guard 2 Release Date

The Old Guard 2 may be released around the middle of the year 2024. Soon after the first film was made available on Netflix, a sequel was revealed with hints of a full trilogy. It will be directed by Victoria Mahoney, and it will have another screenplay by Greg Rucka. Since production on the sequel was completed in 2022, the strike by screenwriters and performers will have no effect on its release.

However, Netflix did not include it in its 2023 announcements. Instead, we may anticipate the movie in 2024, perhaps during the first half of that year. Given the current state of knowledge, this is just a rough estimate.

The Old Guard 2 Cast

Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne are confirmed to reprise the roles they played as Andy/Andromache and Nile Freeman, respectively, in The Old Guard 2. Many supporting actors from the previous film’s cast are back for the sequel, including Matthias Schoenaerts (Booker), Marwan Kenzari (Joe), and Luca Marinelli (Nicky).

However, there are also some fresh faces to see. Cast members Uma Thurman and Henry Golding may be on the wicked side of things, based on their reputations in the industry. This is all extremely intriguing, so I hope you’ll stick around to learn more about the people as time goes on.

List of actors appearing in Old Guard 2:

  • Charlize Theron as Andy/Andromache of Scythia
  • KiKi Layne as Nile Freeman
  • Luca Marinelli as Nicky/Nicolò di Genova
  • Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker/Sebastian Le Livre
  • Marwan Kenzari as Joe/Yusuf Al-Kaysani
  • Vân Veronica Ngô as Quynh
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as James Copley
  • Uma Thurman
  • Henry Golding

The Old Guard 2 Plot

Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’ is based on Greg Rucka’s comic book of the same name. The comic book series “The Old Guard Two: Force Multiplied” is the sequel’s title. The first picture was faithful to the book from which it was adapted. It follows that the sequel will most likely be based on the second graphic novel in the series. From the first film’s ending, we may infer that the second will explore the relationships between the characters in The Old Guard.

The storyline of “The Old Guard 2” is mostly unknown. However, the conclusion of the first film hinted to Quynh’s eventual return. From what we can tell, she wants payback. Quynh was thrown into the water, where she remained for hundreds of years after her death. She visited Booker at his home at the conclusion of the first film. And the notion that there are other eternal people like her did not appear to make her pleased. In her introduction, she simply said, “Booker. I had a bad feeling about the “Nice to meet you” greeting.

Andy, like the remainder of them, will lose his immortality in the following film, and Quynh will find this out along with him. That’s a serious flaw in the otherwise sturdy character of the team. Meanwhile, we anticipate that The Old Guard 2 will provide us insight into the characters’ seemingly endless lifespans.

Many questions about the immortals and their history were left hanging at the end of the first film. The sequel may explore these questions in more depth, illuminating the world of the immortals. No matter how the story develops, it’s safe to assume that The Old Guard 2 will be another thrilling adventure with lots of exciting swordplay.

The Old Guard 2 Director

There will not be a sequel to The Old Guard directed by Prince-Blythewood. Netflix has been quite public about the picture, and one of the first announcements was the director replacing the outgoing one. The sequel will star Victoria Mahoney. Yelling to the Sky, a drama starring Zo Kravitz, was Mahoney’s only feature film directing credit. Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Power, Claws, You, I Am the Night, and Lovecraft County are just a few of the series that she has directed.

Her most notable accomplishment is being the first woman to direct a Star Wars production, period. She did it as the second-unit director on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She’s an unusual pick for the Old Guard brand, much like Prince-Blythewood, but maybe taking a chance twice will pay off this time. Despite Mahoney’s abilities, it’s unfortunate that the picture won’t benefit from Prince-Blythewood’s special touch.

The Old Guard 2 Trailer

The Old Guard 2 may have wrapped filming, but if it isn’t being released this year, we probably won’t get to see any footage until much later.

Where to watch The Old Guard?

Netflix is the only place in the world where you can watch The Old Guard online. The Old Guard 2 will be available on Netflix for global streaming upon its release.

The Old Guard Rating

The Old Guard has a 6.6/10 rating on IMDb. The show has an average of 80 out of 100 on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, the drama earned a 6.9/10 on the more upbeat website MyDramaList. The Old Guard has been met with universal acclaim from viewers and reviewers alike. As a result, you shouldn’t miss it!

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